Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Would Jesus Really Do?

By The Rev. Howard Bess
August 29, 2009

The Bible is a collection of ancient writings. The Old Testament was first written in Hebrew, and the New Testament was originally written in Greek.

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Joan said...

Rev. Bess, Have you read the translations of the New Testament by Dr. Lamsa "Gospel Light:An Indispensible Guide to the Teachings of Jesus & the customs of His Time"? It was written originally in 1936, and again 1964. It can still be obtained from online booksellers I highly recommended it to any clergy or lay person. Dr. Lamsa (an Assyrian scholar), has translated passages from the New Testament, as he says ". . .from my knowledge of the Aramaic language and ancient Semitic customs". Within the context of customs and colloquialisms, the writings make much more sense.