Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Speech that Obama Should Give

By Ray McGovern
September 8, 2009

Good evening, both to you members of Congress assembled here, and fellow Americans in our wider TV and radio audience.

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Joan said...

Ray, I have nothing to add to what you have said except to say HOW ON EARTH do we get this Prez to say it and mean it? I am becoming very disillusioned with the prospect that we will ever, EVER even get on par with our counterpart countries, you know the "civilized" ones. I don't understand why we have to appease those Republicans, either. They showed their true colors for 8 years. God knows, they are not going to change and become compassionate human beings, much less compassionate Americans, and do the will of the biggest "lobby" in the country, the American people.

Anonymous said...

Great speech. If only President Obama would say it. The bit about the good samaritan, I didn't really like though. I just think a President's speech should be very secular, so it appeals to people who are not christian. It would be nice if people like Ray McGovern, were President.

FreddieVee said...

IF I was writing President Obama's speech on Health Care Reform to be given before a joint session of Congress, I would have him start off by calling out by name a few Senators and Representatives who have claimed that HR3200 would sacrifice senior citizens lives to promote abortion and to care for illegal aliens. Then I would have him announce that any elected official seated in the halls of Congress that does not think that he is legitimately the President is free to walk out of the joint session to show his disapproval of having to serve a fraudulent President. When no one gets up, President Obama would say, "I hope that after your constituents, who have heard you say either that I am not a legal President or that I want to kill their grandma, or both, see you acquiesce to the reality of your lies, we will be able to start discussing meaningful Health Care Reform".