Saturday, October 24, 2009

How a Torture Protest Killed a Career

By Craig Murray
October 24, 2009

I was just having dinner in a restaurant that was only a block from the White House. It must have been a good dinner because it cost me $120. Actually it was a good dinner. …

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Anonymous said...

Corruption is contagious. In fact it spreads like wildfire. When the government hires criminals to do its dirty work, the criminals can blackmail the government with their knowledge of what they were requested to do, and who requested them to do it. They can make the press and government turn its attention away while they do whatever crimes they wish, or even to persecute those that are seeking remedies against them. Totalitarianism spreads this way. The more outrageous the crimes, the greater power they can gain over the innocent and fearful. While this is happening, a crippling of the moral compass infects every corner of civilized society as people watch terrible things going on in their name and nothing seems to be happening. Only when a few stand up and say, "Enough" even at their own personal expense, will things begin to change. The power lies at the top in creating an small sector of empowerment for the whistleblowers to act. If not, we will all be swept aside, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

I had to walk away from this article no less than 4 times in order to catch my breath. As a human being, as a parent it is excruciating to read this article. My heart is heavy, my gut wrenched. I have nothing but respect for Amb. Murray. Such courage both in first telling truth to power and now for sharing his knowledge and experiences with us, as we struggle with connecting the dots of this horrendous worldwide quagmire we find ourselves in. The protests of the '60s shouting "No Blood for Oil" are as true as ever today. Those in corporation and government will still require anyone's blood be shed for their own wolfish drooling greed.

Anonymous said...

Incredible narrative. I wish I had read it in the New York Times instead of having to get linked to it from a progressive blog. This is what mainstream Americans should be thinking about every time Cheney resurfaces to spout some nonsense.

JR Houghton said...

Craig Murray is the sort of Englishman I was brought up to admire and emulate even in a very small way. I thank him for returning to me a little bit of faith in humanity. I salute Craig Murray.
People who bury their consciences bury themselves, like Tony Blair, in my view the Devil’s Hypocrite, he would seem to be complicit even in this ( the buck stops with the leader!), which only his appearance at the International Criminal Court will resolve. As for Tony Blair being President of the EU, that’s an obscenity.

1stProtestinTheStreet said...

It is chilling as a parent to know that my child will live in an America that tolerates Torture! When I am gone, she will have to face this reality alone.

Torture, in the hands of an extremist President or Vice President, will in the future be used against political opponents, your children or grandchildren. It that the legacy you want? Torture is not security, it is Terror!

We Voters Must finally rid America of this scourge. Only by forcing our Congress to call for enforcement of our Federal Laws can we stop it. Torture has been a Federal Crime since being signed into law by President Reagan, but Obama is only investigating CIA Field Agents, Not the Bush people who conspired to allow torture.

Please find the courage to make Obama and Congress enforce our Federal Laws, especially torture.

demanding prosecution at


And Please share this Url with all your friends and
Ask them to sign the petitions.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend here in Ottawa Canada who had a similar experience while working in Hong Kong. He discovered the criminal records, (mostly Triads), of many Hong Kong citizens who wanted to immigrate to Canada had been erased. The more he tried to correct the problem the more his peers shunned him. As time passed they ridiculed him and became very uncooperative. Even his children turned their backs on him because they had friends within the diplomatic circles who said he was crazy. That was about 25 years ago, but this brave soul who was ravaged by this cruel world still tells his story. Since knowing him I too realize how much harder life is when trying to learn and share the truth. I was always disappointed when I tried to share truth with others only to have most reject me or think I was crazy. I've come to realize that the more people agree with me the more likely I am wrong. I don't say that to be arrogant. What I mean to say is that the truth cannot be understood by most people,for if they were to see it they would definitely go mad.

Anonymous said...

More secret services horror and torture:

Using gang stalking (organized stalking) techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons, mind reading, beaming voices into your head) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.

Mark Rich - The Hidden Evil

Eleanor White - FREEDOM ISN’T FREE

James F. Marino - FASCISM -- "9-11" -- MIND CONTROL The Mother Of All Black Operations


Peter Mooring

David said...

As I do formally hold the office of Ambassador at Large to Latin America for the Republic of Lakotah, Naturally I found Craig Murray's story deeply moving as well as one I can identify with in some ways. Fortunately I have not found myself in such manner of conflict, for our nation understands the fundimental freedom and importance of all human lives, although if I were in his situation only to learn the nation I was serving choose to abuse others in that way, I would absolutely haven chosen to act the way he did. I also strongly identify with what he said about not seeing, as I have never driven in my life either for reasons of poor vision.

What he says about torture in particular I found very interesting. “The whole point of the intelligence being obtained under torture was to actually exaggerate the terrorist threats and to exaggerate the strength of Al-Qaeda. That was the whole point of why people were being tortured, to confess that they were members of Al-Qaeda and to denounce long lists of names of people as members of Al-Qaeda who weren’t members of Al-Qaeda.”

As a student of history, naturally I am familiar with the Albigensian Crusade in Europe, and with it the formation of the Inquisition, which was executed in this very same way. Their Al-Queda conspiracy was Cathars, their purpose and methods so very much the same. Indeed, very little has changed from the first modern institutional uses of torture in the 13th century and it's use in the 21st.