Friday, October 02, 2009

WTimes, Bushes Hail Rev. Moon

By Robert Parry
October 2, 2009

Since journalist John Solomon decamped from the Washington Post to become executive editor of the right-wing Washington Times in 2008, the newspaper has tried to shake its image as a political front for its founder, right-wing South Korean theocrat Sun Myung Moon.

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libhom said...

Is it the stealth Moonie Paper now? This is too funny.

RichardKanePA said...

Washington Times "Moonies" are very involved in supporting the Honduras Coup

It’s been so long since there has been mention of the Washington Times and the Moonies in the same article that I was beginning to fear people were forgetting that they exist. But there are now two recent blog articles, not only Robert Parry’s “WTimes, Bushes Hail Rev. Moon”, but also Alex Constantine’s “Ten More Facts about a living Messiah who is growing old” which I also responded to,

But I was disappointed that neither article mentioned the extensive effort of the Washington Times to encourage and then defend the Honduran coup, and their continuous efforts to befriend ultraconservative Miami Cubans. On other causes the Wash Times plays both sides. It systematically condemned Chas Freeman, who blamed the Israeli Lobby, for not getting the foreign policy post Obama was going to give him, instead of that paper. Somehow, pro-Israeli groups didn’t want to start condemning the Wash. Times for getting many angry at the pro-Israel lobby, for something they were not responsible for. See, Our Morning Roundup: Washington Times “Owns” Chas Freeman Story


I am torn between wanting to condemn Right-Wing Cuban-Americans and praise the efforts of usually conservative Cuban-Americans to stand up against gross extremism. You don’t see Conservative Republicans loudly condemning the sick “Bury Obama Besides Kennedy Signs”. However, some extremely conservative Cuban-Americans signed a petition condemning the death threats against Cuban-American performers participating in a Havana peace concert,
Some rather conservative Cuban-Americans, “Ladies in White”, who have relatives or who had relatives back in Cuban prisons, during the last election campaign, were hoping Obama would negotiate getting their loved ones out of prison, rather than supporting McCain’s vow to force the Cuban Government to do so,
The Wash. Times is sabotaging every effort by the present US government to improve things, accusing Obama of supporting Chavez’s and Castro’s policies in Honduras. It is a distinct possibility that they, and Dick Cheney, with al Qaeda’s help, might create a US government proud of torture, and human rights violations, with the next or following Presidential election and thus it is possible that the most extreme Cubans along with Washington Times embedded reporters will march back to Cuba in triumph like the Iraqi Congress in exile did, and there will likewise be a grim Cuba to follow. The Wash. Times is an albatross around any group it supports.

Robert Parry reminded people of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s early sexual ideas. But somehow everyone misses the harsh universe Moon projects about God and Satan in a breeding war to see whose genes come out in the end. According to Moon the apple eaten by Eve was the Devil winning one and Jesus’s Virgin Birth was God winning one. Cuban Americans, people who want to defend traditional marriage, and every other cause supported by the Wash Times should be wary of what accepting help from a group with such a harsh view of reality might affect them in the long run

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RichardKanePA said...

Extensive new info on Moon but not his involvement with conservative Miami Cubans and Honduras,

Anonymous said...

It's weird the following story should have been covered by, and in many other places but didn't until Scoobie Davis reported on Moon's silly predictions which was linked back two this and several other important articles he wrote.

Something is weird about the Internet

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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