Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Option for the Public Option

By Robert Parry
November 12, 2009

Since the Democrats have already agreed to water down the health-insurance public option and to set its implementation date as 2013, there might be nothing to lose – and possibly a Republican vote or two to gain – if Democrats agreed to a trigger giving insurance companies the next three years to prove they can hold down costs and meet consumer needs.

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democratic core said...

It occurred to me that this statute could be an opportunity for a creative and productive use of a "signing statement" when President Obama finally gets a piece of legislation to sign. In reading TR Reid's excellent "The Healing of America", it is clear that the principal difference between the US and the rest of the world is that the rest of the world views health care as a fundamental right, while the US never has. This basic point is of transcendental significance, more important than whatever specifics of a healthcare program you have. Obama should issue a signing statement to the effect that this legislation establishes healthcare is a fundamental right, one that is as important and unalienable as any right guaranteed by the constitution. Once we establish that, everything else is just detail