Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Joe Lieberman Protecting Israel?

By Robert Parry
December 15, 2009

Sen. Joe Lieberman’s latest threat to scuttle health-care reform – vowing to join a Republican filibuster to block an over-55 buy-in to Medicare, a proposal that he has long championed – is raising questions about his motives. But no one is mentioning the unmentionable, the cause that has come to define Lieberman’s career: Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Finally someone intelligent has it figured out about the agenda of that back stabbling Lieberman.

He is more loyal to Jews and Isreal then he is to the Democrates and of course any American.

Joel Rosenblum said...

ohno you don't. Israel doesn't need a scoundrel to insure abiding relations with the US. Also, no Jew will support someone who seeks to deny health care and other charities to those in need.

lapdogs said...

Want to "payback" Lieberman and see him go nuts?

Since he says we cannot have health care reform due to its high cost during a recession, then lets pull all the troops out of the Middle East due to the High Cost of War.

Remember folks, Lieberman is a Conservative who has a conscience about the "high cost" of things during a recession.

Give Lieberman his "wish".

rightly said...

The old Jewish conspiracy theory in another anti-Semitic guise. Killed your God, did they? Control the banks, do they. Knew all about Obama's illegal birth certificate, didn't they? Lucky for you we have proof that Christ was not a Jew, but a Roman Christian.

The slime of innuendo is the food of bigots.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from The Traitor Lieberman would surprise me. He has proved his disloyalty over and over again. I am absolutely disgusted that Americans are being screwed by this scumbag. Why don't you immigrate to your "promised land" Joe? The apartheid state of Israel would be happy to have you.

ChMoore said...

Although the 'crippling Obama to keep him from holding Israel accountable' theory sounds plausible, validating it sounds circumstantial.

Lieberman has crossed the aisle so much he lives there. I don't know the relative benefits he gets from insurance versus AIPAC and others, but I wouldn't discount the insurance lobby. His latest move on healthcare seems to be a part of a larger divide and conquer strategy.

Meanwhile his wife, a former longtime insurance pharmaceutical lobbyist, is now the "global ambassador" for the world's largest breast cancer charity, just in case anyone gets a bright idea for a cost effective cancer treatment that doesn't make enough profit.

Lieberman or not; the senate health bill in it's present form as of the end of today is an economic disaster.

- mandated enrollment
- no competitive option
- 3X premiums allowed for whomever insurance decides
- medicare cuts still in, just as the first wave of baby boomers is about to retire; yeah, real smart move that one...

Nowdays we witness the consolidation of entire banking and insurance industries into plutocratic conglomerates, while reminiscing about the "good old days" when they at least had to do leveraged buyouts.

Anonymous said...

you have to be an anti-semite to love this column.

Anonymous said...

from the Washington Post: Health bill's prospects improve as Lieberman signals support http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/12/15/AR2009121505121.html?nav=hcmodule

...Lieberman, meanwhile, seemed pleased [that the health bill would pass].

"We've got a great health insurance reform bill here," he told reporters Tuesday morning, adding that the "danger" that some lawmakers would "load it up with too much" had passed.

"What's beginning to emerge -- though I know some people are not happy about it -- is really a historic achievement: health-care reform such as we've not seen in this country for decades."

Miriam said...


We keep playing Charlie Brown to Jewish Lucy - and wonder what's happened to our currency, culture, government, academia, ....

Support Torrenz, Pirate Bay, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, Poland, and German nationals.

When every last Jew is gone, the world will heal.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Semitism claptrap is old. If we were not supposed to accuse Jews of mixed loyalties, why is it okay for Jews to be so blatantly pro-Israel at our expense? If one doesn't want to be accused of dual loyalties, wouldn't it also require not demonstrating them?

Equality is a two-way street. Jews can't make careers out of complaining about how vile gentiles are, and expect only silence in return. Real equality means that Jews can be as readily criticized as anyone else. To demand only our silence is anti-Gentilism.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is one of the biggest all time turds ever to step into the Senate. Listening to him talk literally turns my stomach. Someone should stuff him into a box and send it to his beloved Israel.

zuzuzpetals said...


Likud would absolutely want to see a weakened Obama.

There's no doubt that Lieberman's narcissism sees him as playing this crucial role for the Israel state.

Very insightful and intuitive as always.

And include Rahm Emmanuel in this analysis.

ChMoore said...

Jeez, nothing like the 'I' word (Israel) to light up a semitic conversation - pro/vs/anti.

How can anyone believe that the government of Israel is the consolidated representation of all Israeli or any other community of Jews, or that Lieberman is likewise of all American Jews?

Following that logic, slamming Nixon must be bigotry against all whites.

I'm sure lots of Americans think Israel is an American ally, but it's only a virtual de-facto arrangement, and not by way of any signed treaty. Besides not sharing our anti-apartheid ideals, they're conspicuously absent from the biggest mutual defense treaty alliance in the world - NATO - and reports are they like it that way. All the ally benefits and foreign aid with none of the conditions. Hundreds of nukes without a non-proliferation sign-on or even having to admit they have them? No problem.

Once again, I'm talking about the Government of Israel, NOT any Jews in particular or in general.

We think Iran is the mid-east bogey man. We should certainly keep an eye on them, but unlike Israel, Iran actually is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. And when former Iranian president Khatami offered to collaborate against al-Qaeda, W. Bush replied by labeling Iran part of the Axis of Evil.

But back in the 1967 6-day war when Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty after tracking and observing it for hours, killing 34 American sailors, even though it was not a warship, loaded with antennas and not guns, with American flags flying, what happens?

Nothing; except everyone pretends it didn't happen.

With allies like Israel, who needs enemies?