Monday, December 07, 2009

Ray McGovern's Letter to Bob Parry

By Ray McGovern
December 7, 2009

At the end of a year that began with such hope, I am struck at how easy it would be to be discouraged.

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Bill Bergman said...

Very much appreciated both McGovern's letter and the Bess essay, in this season of hope.

Joan E said...

Corporate media. Corporate presidency. Corporate military. Just keep doing what you guys are doing (oh, Amy Goodman is one that also comes to my mind for independent journalism). Some of us know when we are being snookered/lied to/taken for idiots and we need you to keep giving us more than an idiot's pablum of news. I, too, lived through the Kennedy years, and as a junior higher I was smitten with the hope that he sparked in the country. I still feel it. I am still hopeful. When Sen. Durbin said that we who lived during the Kennedy years never thought we'd see anything like it again (in Obama), I cried. It was exactly that feeling all over again. By contrast, my younger siblings lived through all the scandal of Nixon and Iran Contra and so unfortunately their impressionable years were polluted and they are very awfully cynical. I don't want to settle for "well, this is as good as it gets" or that this is as good as we can be. Thank you for always striving to peel away the layers of the corporate sound bites and letting us know. We are "out there", we are listening and reading and we appreciate it very much.

Anonymous said...

Forgot corporate prison complex but I know what you mean.

To Mr. Parry, you have no idea how much sustenance your historic, truly historic, work means to those of us who know the truth of these bastards.

I've donated before and, although currently unemployed, will always keep faith through good and bad; Whenever I can, I always donate.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your courage and commitment.
You two and some liberal talk show hosts are the truthtellers of our time.
Will send funds soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank You again Ray for pulling aside the curtain for a few precious moments that "we" the "people" may view the strings that bind the players to the operators...... I know that you, even you, avoid the rougher truths in your writings here...What DID happen to JFK and the dream..????
Who WERE they Oswald, Ruby and so many more.. WHY did the sharp turns of American history get left distorted and investigated by their perpetrators and their proxies.... leaving the official legend as the mainstream history.... Is there ANY substitute for the gravity of an "honest" paper of record... Or are we now in a world where the reality is shaped by "agencies" with deca billions to spend on "informing the media" to their view of operations THEY perpetrate... And the alternate views coming from those that pull their punches and the Alex Joneses and Indiemedias of journalism... We don't expect the few of those who were "inside" to tell all the family secrets but as we/they swerve around the potholes of the, our histories we lose our bearings. We become oblivious to the REAL direction of OUR journey.. Still we are very grateful for these furtive glimpses at the true wewrkings of our corrupted political processes.

chaunticlear said...

Ray, thanks so much for your letter to Bob. It has bucked up many of us, I'm pretty certain. Especially that part: "Discouraged is not allowed; Disgust is good!!".

I've watched all of your YouTubes and the RealNewsNetwork, some more than once. I really appreciate all that you, Bob, Mel Goodman and all authors here tell us. I no longer watch TV (not even PBS) and depend solely on the internet for Truth with the bark on, to use your expression.

I'm older than dirt; was in 6th grade when FDR died. Since retiring from outside employment I've learned more truth than in all the prior years of my life, and still have so much more to learn. Please keep sharing your knowledge and wisdom (and Irish jokes); it's up to us to do our own research on what you reveal.