Monday, January 11, 2010

Asking Europe for America's Answers

By David Swanson
January 12, 2010

Whenever I write about U.S. politics, people ask me "Don't you have any good news?" ... But I do have good news, boatloads of good news, if Americans want to hear it.

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Anonymous said...

America can also learn from its northern neighbor, You know, the one called Canada, which is far more European in all ways than it is American, thank god.

Cliff Gieseke said...

I'm a retired ESL/EFL instructor and ever since I first worked and lived outside the U.S. (vacation worker in a German factory in '65), I've wondered why we in the U.S. are so reluctant to learn from other countries while at the same time wanting them to learn from us. Non-European countries I've lived and worked in have a great deal to teach us, too, but are often dismissed by labeling them with some kind of label such as "developing." Our racism is noticed, too, when we too often underestimate the abilities of darker skinned people.