Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama Knows Better on Afghan War

By Ivan Eland
January 19, 2010

President Barack Obama recently expressed a reluctance to send U.S. forces to Yemen and Somalia, two “failed states” where al-Qaeda is active. Obama seemed to realize that such a U.S. military presence might make the terrorism problem worse.

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RichardKanePA said...

If Obama had listened to Joe Biden and hunkered down in the more secure areas the the Christmas Day underpants bomb attempt would still have occurred with Cheney crying that al Qaeda tried it again because the US showed weakness.

Both bin Laden and neocons are looking for strife and it would be hard to find anyway to stop them without mentioning that they feed on each other.

I would like to call everyone’s attention to two historic posts at Consortium News. Which I interpret as both bin Laden and the neo-cons are interested in somewhat permanent strive and don’t mind using each other for that purpose.

http://consortiumblog.blogspot.com/2008/10/logic-of-al-qaedas-mccain-choice.html?showComment=12252 53700000#c7899683072517641995

Richard Kane