Sunday, February 21, 2010

Al Haig & a 'Green Light' to Chaos

By Robert Parry
February 21, 2010 (Originally published in 1996)

In summer 1980, Iraq's wily president Saddam Hussein saw opportunities in the chaos sweeping the Persian Gulf.

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Peter Carson said...

Considering secret U$ domestic spying programs commenced in 1914 under Pres Wilson, with literally a continuous stream of serious breaches of domestic criminal laws and international laws since long before the 1937 Trading with the Enemies Act was passed by FDR, formation of the CIA in 1947 using former Nazi Gestapo members as founding fathers, cladestine black-op, drug dealing, gun-running, slaughters and torture performed by the CIA ever since, and factoring in well established global dissasters caused by the BIS, IMF, World Bank, WHO and WTO, as a backdrop to the reality the U$ has over 1100 foreign military bases located in 144 of the 202 country's on this planet - my points and questions are:

1. How can any reasonably informed person claim to be surprised by either the corrupt legal advise Yoo offered Bush and the CIA, or that a corrupt jurist named Bybee signed-off to approve torture ?

Torture and murder are what the "American Dream" was always about, beginning with the murders of 6 million native indians and untold millions of African slaves.

2. Americans tacitly acquiesced to approve the slaughter and torture of millions of foreign nationals by CIA death squads, BUT... only now begin to speak-out against acts of murderous cruelty after realizing they too are CIA targets.

3. Knowing the sole purpose of the CIA was at all times a contract mercenary army, whose directors accepted payment to dispatch it's highly trained members to murder people of any nation they were instructed and well paid to kill, how can Americans now claim to have been so absolutely blind and incipidly stupid, not to realize the day would come when they too would be on the CIA hit-list ?

Americans are attempting to feign ignorance of foreign murders and torture, as if to pretend they had no idea of what was blatantly obvious to everyone else around the globe.

Only now, after Yoo and Bybee approved CIA cross-hairs on the backs of domestic civilians, has anyone begun to dissent.

Everyone is suddenly scrambling to hide in the 'chicken-coop', using the same 'justice system' as a personal shield against CIA murder and torture, which Yoo and Bybee employed to approve tactical slaughter and torture techniques on common Americans - to control and rule the home roost.

AmeriKKKans approved CIA killings and torture of anyone who spoke-out in dissent against their capitalistic corporate theology, EXCEPT WHEN THEY DISSENT - because it is supposedly different when the CIA begins murdering and torture of dissenting AmeriKKKans.

Kill and torture everyone else.... BUT NOT ME !!

Peter Carson
Vancouver BC CanaDUH