Monday, February 01, 2010

Answering Obama on Health Care

By Kevin Zeese
February 1, 2010

Last Friday – when President Barack Obama vanquished the entire Republican Caucus in question time in Baltimore – he said:

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John L.Opperman said...

There was never any intention to enact a decent health care system in this country, or they wouldn't have started begging for an unacceptable compromise to begin with. The profit-ruled establishment that buys congress won't allow it.
Eupope is awash with a variety of workinguniversal healthcare systems that deliver without screwing the users with profit taking.
As long as we accept being losers...further slipping backward in the nation's health and welfare, education, social welbeing, technologies, etc., depending on military force that is is only used for massive destruction and wholesale slaughter, creating evermore "enemies" by the hour, this country will continue to slide ever more quickly to be the surge of civilization.
~John L.

Michael Tew said...

was there ever anyone as impotent as the president of the United States. Before he was President he wanted to end the War on Drugs, end the Iraq war and provide health care to everyone. Now he slavishly follows the corporate line - what a putz.