Thursday, March 18, 2010

Israel's Troubling Tilt Toward Apartheid

By Robert Parry
March 19, 2010

The United Nations General Assembly may well have been wrong in 1975 to equate Zionism with racism, since many early Israelis rejected extremist notions regarding separation of Jews from Arabs. But today a virulent form of Zionism is turning Israel in the direction of an intolerant apartheid state.

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MCurie said...

Sounds like the Israelis don't mind going it alone as they insult and embarass with impunity their US sponsors. As an American taxpayer, I resent supporting an apartheid state, and call on the Congress to end all foreign aid and arms sales to Israel (this is said to total 3-7 billion US dollars per year.)
The occupation of and usurpation of Palestinian land, and the maltreatment of the Palestinian people must stop. Certainly we as citizens should not be paying for it.
AIPAC should register as representing a foreign state (and not our 51st).
Thanks to Mr Parry for his brave article.

Anonymous said...

Read Schlomo Sand. European Jews do not have a historial connection to the "Holy Land, " unless you're a Christian Zionist. The Biblical stories are MYTHS and are not supported by historial fact.

Most European Jews are not Semitic peoples and have no "business" using that word.

Now, here comes the CIA "mind fuck" part: this makes me sound like Adolph Hitler, right?

Funny how these and other similar types of "mind fucks" keep getting attached to nefarious people: Ahmedimejad, bin Laden, etc.