Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Risks in Obama's Mideast Policy

By Ivan Eland
April 27, 2010

The Obama administration is eager to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem — both to make the President seem less naïve for having believed he could broker the chronic dispute quickly and to lessen the motivation for radical Islamists that attack the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

The "problem"really is Israel's refusal to act legally, and the support by the USA in the illegal occupation, humiliation and attacks on Palestinians and Lebanon. The fear of Iran is manufactured by Israel and USA must know that Iran would not even attempt to attack Israel, and even less the USA. Israel makes no "concessions" but wants the whole of Palestine and more. This should not be encouraged.

Jerry Paul said...

This should not be encouraged. Israel wants the whole palestine

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