Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rand Paul Exposes the Real Tea Party

By Robert Parry
May 22, 2010

In its first year of existence, the Tea Party movement made clear what it was angry about: the first black American President, health-care reform, taxes, deficit spending, “lib-rhuls,” socialists, Hitler, emergency “bailouts” to stave off a new Great Depression, and – in general – Big Government.

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Morton Kurzweil said...

'Owner rights' are better understood as property rights, including humans, animals, real estate, and the business and financial control of property.
This makes perfectly clear the ethics, values, and morality of the extremists on both ends of the political and religious spectrum.
Protection of property rights becomes the preamble of a new constitution. The fact that such morality is promoted as Christian values proves the case against the theocratic anarchists.

Brian W said...

Wow! Rand Paul must be a great American and an amazing person willing to stand up for individual freedom and liberty in an era of fascist collectivism. How exactly does defending indvidual liberty make a guy a "racist"? Was he only defending the property rights of white peope? I think not. I am embarrased for the author, as this article is pure garbage. Don't bother responding to this as I will be canceling my subscription immediately. I generally respect other opinions but I do require at least some intellecual integrity in the stuff that I read.

Anonymous said...

"the federal government is all that stands in the way of total corporate dominance of the United States"

Oh wow. Just wow. How deluded do you have to be to not see that the federal government is the actual _enabler_ of total corporate dominance?

It's not like we have special lobbies, made-to-tailor laws, bailouts, the prison-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, the healthcare-industrial complex, wars to shift the money for bad services in outrageous amounts (then throwing the veterans to the cockroaches), handouts, revolving-door-policies, money printing and inflation-generation to keep bubbles growing (killing savings and euthanizing granny), eyes firmly shut in the face of enormous negative externalities (like total environmental burndown), patent law, special licensing by three-latter agencies to keep competitors off the market, tariffs etc...

This must be what an alcoholic dreams when he wakes up in the morning. More of the same, and stronger.

And here I was thinking the author was not actually one of those drinking the cool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Ayn Rand needs a dictionary. Accidents are preventable.

The unpreventables are called Acts of God. So he wants to put the blame for those 26 deaths on God. Wonder if his fundie Tea Baggers would appreciate him blaming God.

What Rand is preaching isn't freedom it irresponsibility to the point of manslaughter. The victims are certainly perfectly free now. Free of their lives and the loved ones.

Anonymous said...

I admire Ron Paul and his son holds
his same beliefs. I really think
that his words may have been out of
synch and he was a "sitting duck" for the drouling vultures to run with it.

We should all read our Constitution and see where we are in accordance to it's system of our

I would love to see millions of
Americans fill Washington with protests; against illegal wars; bailouts; Patriot Act; illegal wire-tapping; threat of Martial Law; Fema Camps already built all
over the country and crematoriums.
Billions of dollars that are unaccounted for and billions that are given to other countries for
whatever reason?? The Industrial
Complex receives enough to care for
every citizen with health care; housing, schools, jobs, etc.

We are fighting ILLEGAL WARS; destroying countries and people's lives. We pilage and kill for no
other reason than for their resources. What about our young men and woman who die in numbers for no REAL REASON than to have the U.S. keep their Bullying tactics so that others will lose
hope. We are so HATED.

So, Rand Paul speak have said nothing in comparison to the actions of our Government.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous May 2:48:00 PM

The problem with what you said and with what a majority of Americans forget is that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! We The People! It was different PERSONS that got those bills passed. American voters spend more time brushing their teeth each day than finding out what their representatives have voted on or what bills they have authored and how much money came from the organization the bill would benefit. Americans have become WAY TOO COMPLACENT! It's not all their fault though. Not to long ago in this country the media would investigate and report on these issues. Thus the handle "the fourth estate" They would keep in the open the things the three branches of government were up to. This has been slowly removed through mergers and consolidation of the news media which is now owned by huge multi-national corporations many of which are in the weapons manufacturing industry. You wonder why we are always at war? You wonder why corporations have usurped our government? You wonder why the tea party has been front and center in the news? They (tea party) want the corporations to have more power over the people. The people in the tea party have been inducted into a cause that is against their own best interest. Their anger and frustration is being used against them. Before and during the Iraq war there were tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of protesters for years. Did it make the news like the tea party protests did? Like hell it did! So when you say "the government" did this or "the government" did that, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Every time I hear someone complaining about "the government" I ask them if they called their Congressman or Senator to let them know their views, the answer is ALWAYS NO! Then I ask them if they have ever called their Congressman or Senator and 9 out of ten say no. You are supposed to participate in your Democracy for it to work and that means allot more than just voting every two or four years. Please, inform youself instead of making decisions from 30 second sound bites or talk show hosts that are only trying to increase their paycheck. Their are hundreds of websites to find your state and federal officials names and numbers.