Thursday, June 24, 2010

The CIA/Likud Sinking of Jimmy Carter

By Robert Parry
June 24, 2010

As the Official Story of the 1980 October Surprise case crumbles – with new revelations that key evidence was hidden from investigators of a congressional task force and that internal doubts were suppressed – history must finally confront the troubling impression that remains: that disgruntled elements of the CIA and Israel’s Likud hardliners teamed up to remove a U.S. president from office.

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Bill Michtom said...

"the United States might not have embarked on a massive military buildup"

Considering it was Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski who got us into Afghanistan against the Soviets and training what is now al Qaeda, I'm not encouraged.

Rashid said...

The longstanding israeli interference in America and the world is a troubling and dangerous phenomenon that must be stopped. Your article parallels much of the work of Michael Collins Piper in his analysis of the JFK assasination. It also explains the cold-blooded nexus that justified the murder of American sailors on board the USS Liberty. One question, where were the CIA old boys, when the Israeli Lobby sank the re-election campaign of George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992? It could be logically argued that he sank himself but the word on the street said there was no love lost between Israel and Secretary of State Baker.

Anonymous said...

Many investigators believe that Israel was involved in the assassination of JFK & also in 9/11.

Israel certainly had the motive & gained as a result of both.

Jewish & Christian Zealots for Zionism have led to the War on Islam.

It wasn’t Muslims

This War causes Depleted Uranium to pollute the Earth & Nobody seems to care.

1. Over 5 Million Jews are secular.

2 Myths & Fables in Judeo/Christian Scriptures must be exposed.

Israeli archaeologists ( I. Finkelstein, N. Silberman, Z. Hawass, Z. Herzog, W. Denver, et al ) agree that there was no Exodus.

Archeology also shows that the backwater state of Judah in this era had a population of ~5,000 people spread over ~25 villages including Jerusalem.

Jerusalem in that era had no walls, no monumental buildings & its people were mostly illiterate.

There was no Moses, Abraham or covenant or Promised Land, just propaganda created 700 years after the "Moses era" to create a legacy for the benefit of a group based in Jerusalem circa 500 BC.

Also, the same archaeologists now agree that the great United Kingdom of David and Solomon circa 980-930BC is another fairy tale.

Myth & Fable repeated so many times for so many years people believe them.

And now the "war on Islam for Israel.

john mccarthy said...

Members of the National Security Council: CIA, State Department, DOD, FBI and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, blatantly disregarded LBJ's Presidential Directives which were issued during NSC meetings in June, 1966.

The following once top secret documents were unilaterally declassified by the State Department in 2000 and placed on the Internet at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas, much to the chagrin of the CIA.

Note that LBJ declared in March, 1968, that he would not seek nor accept his parties renomination as President of the United States. The President had been disobeyed by his closest advisors which resulted
in Treason In Wartime by the CIA and others in the NSC who countermanded his directives not to expand the war in Vietnam into 65,000 square miles of Cambodia and not to set in motion assassination attempts against then Prince, now King, Norodom Sihanouk.

The details of this treachery came to light in the top secret court-martial of Special Forces Captain John McCarthy where members of the CIA and FBI orchestrated erroneous assertions of guilt by fabricating evidence and secreting exculpatory evidence which resulted in a manufactured guilty verdict played out in Long Binh, Vietnam on 29-30 January, 1968, resulting in a sentence of life in prison.

The fact that Presidents Carter and Johnson were democrats provides irrevocable collusion of republican minded members of the CIA as those primarily responsible for this damning action as one of the most vile criminal conspiracies in our nations history; removal of a sitting president from office.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see your still on the Net, Robert Parry. I saw the movie, RFK Must Die, on YouTube a few months ago. I was shocked to see the investigative reporting by the BBC of the Robert Kennedy assassination. It has 11 about 10 parts to it on YouTube. I can not believe that this movie did not trigger a major criminial investigation. Many on the operatives have links to Theodore Shockley. It even hints that some of these people were involved in the JFK assassination. A must see movie for all conspiracy buffs! Keep up the good work