Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Israel Poisoning the Peace Talks?

By Lawrence Davidson
October 21, 2010

Michael Oren is the Israeli ambassador to the United States. This means he stands in a line of foreign diplomats who are often quite out of the ordinary.

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rosemerry said...

thanks Lawrence. I do not think Israel has legitimacy, since it keeps extending borders, ignores or defies international law, and has different laws for different inhabitants, even in its "legal" boundaries. It seems that the present leaders want acceptance, even by those they displace, humiliate, imprison, murder....

Anonymous said...

Up to its keister in the blood of thousands of human beings in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria; it's about time that these rats nest established on that stolen 1/2 acre of Zionist hell be destroyed - and like Helen Thomas said recently: Return to Germany and Poland where their 'stolen' properties are located still - let them file their claims on what was one theirs over there and not on what a book of ancient fables translated by the early Herbrews as they translated the Holy Scriptures from the Greek had the audacity to 'slip the Jewish malcontents' into a position of prestige as G-d's 'Chosen.'

Tombstone, AZ.


Anonymous said...

as usual the far left arab apologists forget that during the Camp David peace talks brokered by President Clinton, gave the palestinians 90% of their demands, which wasn't good enough for Arafat & his 100K per month apt. in Paris.
When you're surrounded by 200 million people sworn to your destruction, you get a little gun shy with a possible hostile state less than an hour away....