Monday, November 22, 2010

Obama's Frantic Mideast Peace Gamble

By Lawrence Davidson
November 22, 2010

The U.S. government acknowledges that it is actively negotiating with Israel the price of a proposed 90-day cessation of settlement activity on the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem). It is reported that the Israelis are demanding two things be given them free of charge: 20 stealth fighters (worth $3 billion) and the release of the spy, Jonathan Pollard.

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rosemerry said...

How can anyone constantly give in to the ever-increasing demands of a Likud PM who will, like his predecessors, NEVER set borders for "Israel the Jewish State" and will continue the illegal settlements, wall, home demolitions, murders, arrests of Palestinians and be exhorted to do even more (like bomb Iran) by the so-called "Representatives" of the US population who pay for it all.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Bible ( old Testament) is a book of Fairy Tales but Christians & 65% of Jews believe it.

There was no Moses, Abraham or covenant or Promised Land, just propaganda created 700 years after the "Moses era" to create a legacy for the benefit of a group based in Jerusalem circa 500 BC.

Fairy stories which have bound Jews & Christians together in a Messianic drive to make their "dreams" come true.

Myths like the Parting of the Red Sea , the Diaspora , the glorious age of David & Solomon & Jerusalem being the city they dreamed it was .

Israeli archaeologists ( I. Finkelstein, N. Silberman, Z. Hawass, Z. Herzog, W. Denver, et al ) agree that the great United Kingdom of Solomon and David circa 980-930BC is a fairy tale & they were mere chieftains, with maybe 50 warriors to their names. This is now accepted FACT ("The Bible Unearthed" by Finkelstein).

Jerusalem in that era had no walls, no monumental buildings & its people were mostly illiterate.

Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand Calls Jewish People an " Invention" with 80% of all Jews being “Ashkenazi” & descended from medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany.

The World needs to wake up from this fairy tale before it too late..