Monday, December 27, 2010

America's Dangerous Self-Deceptions

By Lawrence Davidson
December 27, 2010

Benjamin Disraeli once labeled Britain’s government "an organized hypocrisy." That was in circa 1845. Things have not changed much and by now hypocrisy might well be seen as a common sin of democratic government.

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JonnyJames said...

Nice outline of the double-standards, lies and hypocrisy that is US foreign policy and the Empire Inc.

What Prof. Davidson describes is an integral component of rabid Nationalism and imperialism.

The national myth is purely a social construct and is largely fictitious. The USA was founded on the privilege of white male wealth, slavery, genocide, removal of indigenous populations, the rape of the natural environment and ruthless exploitation of labor in general.

Despite this, we are taught a phony national myth in order to instill the belief that the US (especially the dominant Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture) is superior in all ways to all other nations. Nationalism is a political tool to mobilize people as well as placate them.

USA ueber alles, USA #1
My country, right or wrong.

According to the "Rise and Fall of the Great Powers" by Paul Kennedy, the financial/economic underpinnings that support US power are deteriorating very rapidly. The end of the Empire may be nearer than we think. When those days of reckoning come, the US will be forced to look at the ugly truth in the face.

Until then, the nationalist propaganda remains a fantasy, perhaps moreso than ever.

JonnyJames said...

continued from previous post...

in the "Rise and Fall.." one of the main theses is that great powers' and empires' success is (not surprisingly perhaps) determined by war and, more importantly, the financial and economic capacity to support the enormous costs of wars (and manage debt).

The US is reaching the point where it will be unable to financially/economically support the Empire and its wars. When dollar hegemony ceases to be a factor, things will unravel very quicly. Hopefully this will be a gradual process.

henry said...

But Tiny Greens owner Bill Bagby Jr. says not one sample of his product taken by health authorities has come back positive for salmonella contamination.

What the Government said is true is true no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Jimmy John’s Alfalfa Sprouts Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising the public not to eat alfalfa sprouts produced by the Tiny Greens Organic Farm

FDA warns against sprouts from Urbana company

FDA warns against sprouts from Urbana company

can you sheeple make sound anything
I can't hear you

Morton Kurzweil said...

Why are things that way? Because the public believes in that reality. It is no different from the Nazi propaganda, the communist oligarchy, the Catholic or Christian or Islamic myths, the racial, cultural and tribal claims of superiority and an inalienable right to special privilege.
We have proved to be human and deservedly so. Hubris and hypocrisy have no place in the belief behavior or the reality of a mindless follower.