Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Punishing the Truth-Tellers

By Robert Parry
March 15, 2011

It appears the most serious offense you can commit in Washington these days is telling the truth. You get a pass on torture, aggressive war, killing civilians, lying, destroying evidence and such, but don’t dare give honest information to the American people.

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BluCowgirl said...

It is shameful that NO ONE has checked out the ACTUAL video made by that lying snake except Glen Beck (yep, GB on his Blade blog) Me thinks Glenny has a score to settle for the Shirley Sherrod lies and how HE disseminated THAT lie for the fake video liar. You see, this video from NPR was heavily edited, just as all the others were, to tell a pack of lies. The NPR exec in question, although speaking the truth, was quoting someone else, but ya didn't see that on the video... Anyway, welcome to DC where the truth is NEVER the acceptable option! THIS is NOT the country i was born into, it makes me sick! i am protesting like i am back in the Viet Nam era and i thought we'd said, and i quote "NEVER AGAIN!" At least i know i did back in my growing up daze in Chi City..

Big Em said...

Yeah, 'BluCowgirl', I know what you mean about the 'Never Again' stuff. Back then I suspected that a lot of the 'revolution' talk was impractical, but I thought that we'd never see an INCREASE in militarization in this country after Vietnam, at least in our lifetime. I thought that most of my peers would remember (as I did) former upperclassmen from high school who (as word spread through the school) had been killed 'last week' in Vietnam, and the Kafkaesque weekly body count ('we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because US casualties are down to 50 dead this week').

Alas, too many people let earning a living trump any morality. I never wanted -- nor expected others to -- be marching every weekend as the Vietnam War ended, but I DID expect them to vote for relatively 'peaceful' candidates, NOT the warmongers we've typically had since 1980...

Anonymous said...

USA - being bled to death by thousands of cuts while the majority of citizens remain oblivious while playing games on x-box, vacuously transfixed by the boobtube, or out shopping for China junk.

Only the Choir laments at the long slow Requiem. How many years did it take for Nazi's to overtake Germany then Europe? Werner Von Braun said he lost the first two wars, but wouldn't loose the next - looks like he's winning, as he predicted. (Read Jim Marrs, "Rise of the Forth Reich" & Shock Doctrine, N. Kline).