Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Anti-War Message of Mother's Day

By Gary G. Kohls
May 8, 2011

In 1870 – five years after the American Civil War ended – the disastrous long-term human and economic consequences of the conflict were becoming increasingly apparent, especially to the mothers of the sons and the wives of the husbands who had seen their patriotic men march off to that “inglorious” war and had come home dead or wounded.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this article, shared it on facebook...Thanks!

And thank you as well for insisting on the deliverance of TRUE RELEVANT news to the people, rather than the accepted mainstream hog wash that seems to be coming down the lines these days....

PETEtheTRAINER Personal Empowerment Systems USA said...

This was a very well written and enlightening article, yes, VIOLENCE (in ALL it's forms) is never the solution to solve a problem.

Today, we have much Corporate crime, a result of fear, greed and unkindness by cruel investors, perpetuated because 'The People' are poorly educated, misinformed and are NOT organized for real lasting success.

I am an active, honest, caring person for positive social change.

Zeitgeist -The Movement
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