Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Curious Bush/Bin Laden Symbiosis

By Robert Parry
May 7, 2011

Since Osama bin Laden’s killing on May 1, it has become shockingly clear that the terrorist leader did not spend most of the last decade on the run or hiding in caves. He was holed up in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad enjoying the comforts of family life with his twenty-something-year-old latest wife.

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Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that Obama may have come across something during his time in the US Senate that he concluded the same conclusion that there is a interesting symbiotic relationship between the Bush Administration and Bin Laden. It is interesting in the era of Wikileaks that not a hint was mentioned about Bin Laden in Pakistan. I get the impression the Obama Administration is after documentation (computer files, etc...) to connect the dots. I do not know their intentions such as political gains, but it is interesting how no leaks surfaced and certain Republican leaders are quite.

Anonymous said...

Jr. Bush didn't want to disrupt his daddy's and his daddy's oil buddies business dealings with the Bin Laden Saudi family! Simple!

Anonymous said...

The best take on bin Laden I've read since this all went down. Too true how many Republicans blame Clinton for 9/11 and give Bush the credit for "paving the way" to Osama's capture.

Gregory L Kruse said...

There has to be a top-secret agreement with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to take bin Laden out of the news while making him safe under the nose of the Pakistani military. Bush refused to share in the celebration because he is furious that Obama messed up his deal and got credit for the kill. Obama decided that he had no use for Osama and had much to gain. Wikileaks has no access to top-secrets.

mario said...

Since the moment Bin Laden was allowed to scape unscathed from Tora Bora in 2001, it was obvious that the so called 9/11 master mind was in a sort of cahoots with the powerful elite in Washington. Sadly the gullible American people were ignorant of this fact as no to have realized it.