Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bush's Canadian 'Clone' in Jeopardy

By Richard L. Fricker
January 18, 2007

The political decision by American voters on Nov. 7 – flushing away Republican control of the U.S. Congress – is reverberating north of the border where Canada’s hard-line Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper may become the next ally of George W. Bush to be washed away.

Harper, who modeled his aggressive brand of conservatism on what the Republicans had done in the United States, is struggling in the polls and confronting a reenergized Liberal opposition that was encouraged by the Democratic victory.

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Nicholas said...

I thought this article was a joke. Then I discovered you were serious. Then it was even more of a joke than I had previously thought.

Do you have any other bridges to try and sell the horn-rimmed glasses crowd? Wasteful, sloppy journalism.

Please retreat to your ivory tower and re-think your approach. Your comrades in the CCCP are waiting to edit your article a bit further.

kevinbgoode said...

Nicholas reads like an American Right activist. Same tone, same arrogance.

dix said...

The author would seem to have done a minimal study of the content of the Canadian parliament.
The total omission of the NDP, who have a much stronger caucus than either the Greens or the Independents indicates either an accidental omission or a deliberate choice to ignore the center-left, considering that at present they hold the balance of power and in fact initiated the fall of the previous minority government. .