Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Logic of a Wider Mideast War

By Robert Parry
January 14, 2007

White House press secretary Tony Snow dismisses expectations of war with Iran as an “urban legend” and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Peter Pace says that “from a military standpoint” there’s “no need to cross the Iranian border.” But there are still strong reasons to suspect the Iraq War may soon spill over to Iran and possibly Syria.

Indeed, absent some blinking of eyes in Tehran over its nuclear program or a chilling of feet in Tel Aviv and Washington over military options, the logic of a wider war seems compelling – and would fit with both recent evidence and motives of key protagonists.

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Anonymous said...

As usual, absent in this report is any acknowledgment of the possibility that Iran has a supply of Sunburn missiles which, far from being 'relatively sophisticated,' are considered the most dangerous missile on earth, and essentially have rendered the entire US Navy obsolete for several years now. The ships in the Persian Gulf may be no more than sitting ducks. The possibility exists that all of them, in the space of an hour or so, could end up on the sea floor with all aboard.

More chilling is the distinct possibility of another Israeli-executed false flag attack (google USS Liberty), in which the Israelis sink a US carrier with a Sunburn missile in the course of a raid on Iran, thus drawing in their 'bitch' to destroy another of Israel's enemies, the mission so splendidly accomplished in Iraq by, and at the expense of, the United States.

blue said...

Mr. Parry notes: "Rather than proving the value of cooperation and the futility of resistance, Hussein's fate demonstrated the stupidity of compliance and the utility of defiance."

I suggest that the Democrats, progressives, and sane politicians take note that the same 'logic' applies to trying to compromise and appease the war-mongers and Constitution-shredders in the domestic political arena: they must be opposed strongly, loudly, and consistently.

Sharkie said...

For several months the US has spew enough thread to just about cover the eventuality of war, this time with Iran. It doesn’t occur to most the very act of speaking of such disaster in itself could certainly tip the start of this event towards the Iranians themselves. And who could blame them; US carriers in the gulf, U.S.-led forces detained five Iranians in Irbil, no fly zones over Somalia, saber rattling by politicians, Israel practicing war games. Did it ever occur to anyone Iran is quite capable today, right now, to take out Iraq’s green zone, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, or all the US naval presence in the gulf. Years of Chinese and Russian arms sales has given Iran the capability to destroy much of the region, nukes or not. Besides being the most populated and industrialized state in the Middle East, Iran possess enough short and long range missiles to “wipe out” Mr. “Mushroom Cloud” and his side kick “Final Throes” in a pre-emptive first strike. In addition, they would welcome the guerilla war that would surely take place in the mountainous border areas shared with Iraq. And who do you think Syria would be launching their missiles at? You take on Iran and you get the entire Shanghai Cooperation Organization at your door. Those patriot missiles recently sent to the area are to protect guess who? US troops policing sectarian divide in its infancy stage in Baghdad