Sunday, February 04, 2007

Libby's Trial Becomes Cheney's Trial

By Brent Budowsky
February 4, 2007

For the judge and jury, it is the Libby trial. For America and American politics, it is the Dick Cheney trial and the stakes are far higher than reported in the media.

What has emerged in evidence so far, is not surprising, but it is astonishing. Vice-President Cheney was so deeply involved and obsessed with discrediting Joe Wilson that the impact and implications are enormous and underestimated.

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Ennealogic said...

Here's an angle on this story that has been puzzling me for some time.

1. Valerie Plame Wilson was involved in anti-proliferation of WMD. She and her unit were likely in a better position to know facts on the ground regarding Saddam's capabilities in the nuclear weapons arena than most folks.

2. People are still asking today, "Why would the VP be so driven to smear Joe Wilson?" After all, not a lot of counter-administration stories were allowed to blossom in the mainstream media in 2003. Why not just let his assertions fade away? The blogosphere already knew the Niger papers were fake by then anyway.

What if Cheney could "kill two birds with one stone," as it were? Silence the CIA's operatives and analysts and also cloud Joe Wilson's motives and message at the same time?

So, how much did Valerie Plame's work and position within the CIA have to do with the whisperings that wound up in Robert Novak's column? Is it possible that our administration wanted to kill the intelligence her unit would produce?