Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Will the Dems Finally Play Hardball?

By Robert Parry
February 7, 2007

The Republicans scored a political victory of sorts by thwarting a non-binding Senate resolution that would have expressed mild disapproval of George W. Bush’s military escalation in Iraq. When the resolution was blocked, White House officials reportedly gave each other high-fives.

The GOP’s use of parliamentary procedures to prevent a floor debate was another sharp elbow in the ribs of the new Democratic congressional majority, which has been trying since November to behave in a bipartisan way on foreign policy, graciously approving Bush’s new war council with nary a tough question.

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Glenn said...

Democrats remind me of many women I've seen who are getting a divorce, or already are divorced. They can't quite get it through their head that the ex-husband is not on their team anymore - falling for one dirty trick after another in the spirit of co-operation for the sake of the kids or civility.

Dems need to realize that like it or not, a kind of war has been declared on them by Republicans - (Who, like the ex-husband in my analogy, only pretend to co-operate until their next dirty trick.)

Cooperation with Republicans is not possible anymore. They must now be fought hard for the sake of the country, world peace, and for the survival of any opposition party in America.

profmarcus said...

if six years of watching the bush administration trash everything the united states stands for hasn't led to serious opposition to the bush administration, do i think congressional dems are suddenly going to grow a spine after being rebuffed on the iraq debate...? uhhhhhhhhh... < scratches chin, looks at ceiling, pulls at ear lobe > frankly, no, i don't...

Kenneth said...

Patrick Fitzgerald probably realizes it is pointless to indict Cheney since he would claim he was authorized to "declassify" Plame's position with the CIA. If he lost that argument Bush could simply pardon him.

Theoretically, Democrats have the votes to impeach but definitely not to convict. They are infested with closet Republicans and they are more interested in other agendas. Until the voters make them realize their elections depend on impeachment, do not expect much from them.