Sunday, February 18, 2007

Moon/Bush 'Ongoing Crime Enterprise'

By Robert Parry
February 17, 2007

From petty local scams to international money-laundering, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s political/media/business/religious empire has all the looks of a global “ongoing criminal enterprise,” albeit one with enough powerful friends in Washington to protect it from serious consequences.

Benefiting from relationships with the Bush family and other prominent Republicans, Moon’s Unification Church slips away from one illegal scheme after another – despite overwhelming evidence and first-person admissions about the systematic pattern of the criminality. Somehow U.S. authorities never put two and two together.

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Peter said...

Somehow U.S. authorities never put two and two together.
You've drawn the wrong conclusion there, me bucko. They know perfectly well what's going on but they deliberately do diddly squat about it.

mrs panstreppon said...

Thank you for your informative article about the Reverend Moon.

I checked the Washington Times Foundation's 990 available online at Guidestar and the Foundation Center.

The foundation donated $1 million to the Greater Houston Community Foundation between 4/01/03 and 4/01/04. Is that the contribution you referred to or is that in addition to another $1 million donation?

All of the contributions to the Washington Post Foundation came from the International Peace Foundation or the Unification Church, both listed at 7777 Leesburg Pike, Ste 406N, in Falls Church VA.

990s for the International Peace Foundation are not available online nor is the Peace Foundation listed in Guidestar's database.

Besides contributing substantially to American Family Coalition, the Washington Times Foundation made a $25k donation to the American Conservative Union Foundation in fiscal 2005.

In fiscal 2002, the Washington times Foundation paid $200k in consulting fees to the Pressler Group, LLC .

What is most curious is that the Washington Times Foundation's 990 for fiscal 2003 is NOT available online.