Friday, March 30, 2007

Intel Vets Question Iran-UK Crisis

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
March 30, 2007

The frenzy in America’s corporate media over Iran’s detainment of 15 British Marines who may, or may not, have violated Iranian-claimed territorial waters is a flashback to the unrestrained support given the administration’s war-mongering against Iraq shortly before the attack.

The British are refusing to concede the possibility that its Marines may have crossed into ill-charted, Iranian-claimed waters and are ratcheting up the confrontation. At this point, the relative merits of the British and Iranian versions of what actually happened are greatly less important than how hotheads on each side—and particularly the British—decide to exploit the event in the coming days.

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ETSpoon said...

Earth to Tony Blair!

This is the most bogus casus belli since Jenkin's Ear. Time to go back to your corner like a good little poodle and lick your balls.