Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rise of a Very 'Loyal Bushie'

By Richard L. Fricker
March 28, 2007

If you want to know what the career path of a “loyal Bushie” looks like, let me introduce you to J. Timothy Griffin, a Karl Rove protégé who was slipped into the post of U.S. Attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas, and now is at the center of the controversy over whether the Bush administration has sought to politicize federal prosecutions.

Since college, the 38-year-old Griffin has been following the stations of the cross for a Republican legal/political operative with ambitions to rise to a position of power and influence in a government like the one headed by George W. Bush.

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John Hanks said...

Someday (if we last) future generations will wonder why there was any doubt that these trash were crooks and traitors. The media has always driven their getaway car.