Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Imus Agonistes

By Jay Diamond
April 18, 2007

It would be nice if we had arrived at a teachable moment in the business of talk radio, but don't bet on it. Don Imus' firing over a flippant racially charged remark is already being described as a watershed; a turning point in what the public will accept from radio hosts.

Already, congratulations are flowing into the offices of broadcast managers for "doing the right thing." Unfortunately, like so much of what commands our attention in the media, what passes for "news" is in reality a distraction from the real issue.

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Penny said...

Imus was cut lose because a pack of well-healed sponsors, threatened by offended consummers, vowed to pull their backing from NBC and CBS. Nothing has been learned or gained here, save the reiteration that money still screams while ideals run that BS marathon.

In all fairness, Imus is more ignorant and insensitive than a bigoted racist. What he said about those young women was indefensibly more hurtful than intentionally hateful. What's more, it was so needless for him to strain the limits of good taste and professionalism to see how far he go before the trap snapped. To insult those young women was simply uncalled for, and, what's worst of all it, without any justifiable provocation whatsoever. These were collegiate athletes, female students in good standing, not these half-naked, tatted-up brain-dead hoochie-mama celebutards whose only talents are rump-shaking and dropping it like it's hot. Why he felt the need or compulsion to attack them for being great basketballers and good students about to make a valuable contribution to society simply stuns me.