Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will Democrats Cave on Iraq Funds?

By Ray McGovern
April 18, 2007

The rhetoric over recent days makes it clear that Vice President Dick Cheney is still in charge of Iraq policy. He seems supremely confident that the Democrats can be intimidated into giving the White House the only thing it really wants - enough money to stave off defeat until President George W. Bush and Cheney are safely out of office.

That, of course, is also what lies behind the "temporary surge" in troop strength.

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Penny said...

I pray they don't. The Dems need to exercise some of their political clout, giving their current high approval rating. They need to put all their collective strength into clamping the tax dollared purse shut around shruby's wrist in a way that cuts off his circulation. Not only should they close the purse, but they need to give that rascal shrub and dick vader a definite time table when they plan to start pulling troops home by the fiscal end of 2007.

The Pentagon has enough funding to support the troops and every thrid world nation on the planet from now until the Lord's return, if the Dems never okay another thin dime to its budget. The Nation has far greater needs than the perpetuity of foreign conquests and occupation of nations that never bore the threat capacity to necessitate a true threat. What America has done in Iraq is an atrocious outrage that demands to be soon ended.

I hope the Dems realize that the aforementioned truth is why they were elected 07NOV06. The nation wants a return on that investment.