Monday, May 14, 2007

How George Tenet Lied

By Ray McGovern
May 14, 2007

Mercifully, the flurry of media coverage of former CIA director George Tenet hawking his memoir, At the Center of the Storm, has abated. Buffeted by those on the right and left who see through his lame attempt at self-justification, Tenet probably now wishes he had opted to just fade away, as old soldiers used to do.

He listened instead to his old PR buddy and “co-author” Bill Harlow who failed miserably in trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. By this point, they may be having second thoughts.But, hey, $4 million is a sizable sum, even if split two ways. But, aside from the money, what else could they have been thinking?

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mosseiran said...

At the church in Dobs Ferry I shared with you the following article on a CD
"The Crime Behind The Criminal Wars"
found online at

I should have also shared with you the following
"Slam Dunk!" - Were the rats playing basketball? found at

I believe Dr. David Kelly died because of what he could have said and he was talking, and in part has to do with the "Slam Dunk" issue.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Maher Osseiran

gr8wx said...

Sure, George Tenet lied. Big deal, what should anyone expect, especially since we haven't seen a single Bush confidante who knows how to act in any other way?

Now we read where poor Richard Perle has been maligned in Tenet's whine of a book, At the Center of the Storm. Who really cares and why should an outstanding writer like Ray McGovern waste his talent exposing what we have all come to accept as the most mendacious, deceitful mob of anti-U.S. Constitution thugs and swindlers in U.S. history?

Most of us know that there are at least 17 intelligence agencies, only one of which was the CIA that was duped and whose biggest dupee happened to be George Tenet whose "slam dunk" comment about Iraq's possession of W.M.D. served as the rhetorical sound bite and propaganda to launch a war that was predetermined months before the September 11, 2001 catastrophe.

So, now we have a bloodied, wounded shark, George Tenet, gnashing at another architect of the Iraq War, Richard Perle, flailing about as if he actually believes he'll leave a positive legacy as much as he covets his undeserved and unearned Medal of Freedom which in reality was a sop to guarantee that he kept his mouth shut.

Take your medal, George, and do just that -- shut up because nobody believes any of the repulsive, corrupt Bush mob of liars, including you, who have put so many people in early graves and irreparably shamed America's honor.

Richard A. Stitt

Marcus Aurelius said...

05 MAY 2007

There is no question George Tenet more than failed as an American, as Director of the C.I.A. and as a man. His willful breach of his responsibilities as Director is at the very least shameful and disgraceful. More directly, criminal. By making a conscious decision and taking deliberate steps to “go along to get along” with the Bush/Cheney plan to lie to the world regarding Iraq’s WMD program, the links between Sadaam Houssein and Al Queida, and much more, Mr. Tenet has betrayed us all.

George Tenet:

You are fully aware of the importance of HUMINT to any Nation’s National Security. Additionally, you are aware of how painstaking , frustrating, and dangerous fieldwork is. Developing effective relationships requires highly skilled, dedicated, and very responsible people on both sides of every bridge irrespective of the Countries involved. You simply sold us all out. The fact you were threatened to go along or else is no excuse. Consider the careers and efforts of all the analysts, supervisors and other personnel that did the best they could to resist the Criminally Maniacal Frenzy with which Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others have bullied their way to a baseless war with IRAQ for power and personal monetary gain just to start with. Face the facts – you are a thief, you are a coward, a proven risk to our National Security, and you tarnished the office of Director of Central Intelligence. Moreover negatively impacting the integrity, faith and confidence the world intelligence community previously placed in the office of the Director of the C.I.A. Hence essentially abrogating an important asset once available to all field personnel, more significantly to anyone working on a critically sensitive matter. Mr. Tenet you made your own decision to stand with and be part of a group of “Men Without Honor”. You all have gone way too far. I am confident you will all be held accountable.

You and all others involved in this “Treasonous Scheme” have the blood of more than 3,750 dead U.S. Military Personnel, more than 26,000 wounded United States Military Personnel. American sons, daughters, moms and dads. Additionally, the blood of several hundred thousand Iraqis. Our country has yet to realize the psychological effects this will have on Military Personnel fighting in Iraq. You have debased the United States and everything it stands for. Shame on you.

Mr. Tenet it is abundantly clear that you are looking for cover and will find nowhere to hide, in what amounts to an ill-fated exit strategy. You have faced off with everyone in the Intelligence sector in a fight over not only our Professionalism, our National Integrity and National Pride but also our Personal Integrity and Personal Pride as well. Accept the obvious. You state that you value your reputation. Actions mean something, your words mean nothing. Your only chance to redeem any morsel of dignity or self respect is to submit your personal request to the F.B.I. for an immediate appointment so the Bureau can fully debrief you regarding all crimes you may have played a role in, also the identities and details of all who committed any other criminal acts you have knowledge of, including a particular Country Club on Long Island where you have had meetings, again the identities of all attendees and the nature of those meetings. Next the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence so that the process to properly assess the damage done to our National Security can begin. On one particular trip in1999 I landed in Eastern Europe and was picked up by my contact; his driver proceeded to take us to a pre-agreed location for an early dinner meeting. I realized within minutes we were heading in the wrong direction. My contact then told me they knew what I wanted. The contact told me what it was. They were specifically correct. I had been intentionally compromised. Not a good situ. Due to the relationship being very mature and reliably effective for all concerned, I am still here. I learned how I may have been compromised that day and qualified the information over the next several months. Of further insult, some people tried to convince me that the F.B.I. was responsible for the compromise. Who could they be? You do know, George, I know you do.

I strongly suggest that you come forth with all of the information you are aware of regarding the damage that has been done to our National Security by you and others. If you have any sense of what is right left in you, that is. Perhaps you should start with why you resigned so abruptly in June of 2004. Coincidentally, it was at about this time that I was briefed on a potential deal between Rudolph Giuliani and President Bush, which included appointing Bernard Kerik as Head of Homeland Security. You were amongst us who knew that the destruction that would come of that simply could not be tolerated. You also knew why.

By the way, how is it that you were a Clinton install, and President Bush kept you on – what was the nature of this phenomenon? It is essential you step forward and brief the FBI on the multinational Matrix project.

Larry Ray

Brad said...

Recall that the original publication date of Tenet's book was earlier (I think Feb.) but the White House wanted additional deletions beyond what the CIA had requested so the book was delayed.

It's quite curious that in his discussion of the falsely-claimed "biological WMD culture trailers" that Tenet does not mention that the incorrect assessment of those trailers was made in a *CIA* document. The lie, to all appearances, originated at the CIA (his agency, of course.) Tenet observes that the analysis made a major effort to discredit the claim that the trailers were used to generate hydrogen and does report that in the final Duelfer report it was acknowledged that the most probable use (by far) of the trailers was hydrogen generation.

Tenet also doesn't mention (with regard to the trailers) that vice President Cheney was spending a lot of time at the CIA at about the time that whote paper was issued. In other words, the story issued and flogged deliberately denied and obscured the actual use of the trailers. (This is not one of those "best estimate on the available evidence" cases: the trailers were under US control and could be examined in detail, at leisure.)