Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell's Deal with the Devil

By Robert Parry
May 16, 2007

The Rev. Jerry Falwell’s death will elicit scores of eulogies on the good the televangelist did, even while acknowledging some hurtful actions, such as blaming gays and civil libertarians for 9/11. But there is another little-known chapter of Falwell’s career: his collaboration with a Korean cult leader bent on transforming the United States into a theocracy.

Like other prominent Republican figures, Falwell entered into a behind-the-scenes alliance with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon even as the self-proclaimed Messiah was denouncing America as “Satan’s harvest” and vowing to incorporate the United States into a worldwide theocratic empire that would eradicate all individuality.

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fordgreene said...

It would appear that Moon and Falwell operated in tandem far earlier than the bailout of the Liberty University in 1995 which Robert Perry features centrally in his current article, "Jerry Falwell’s Deal with the Devil.”

During the Iran – Contra era the Boland Amendment forbade governmental aid to the “contras,” who essentially were terrorists who aimed at the “regime change” of Daniel Ortega, then President of Nicaragua, through slaughtering rural citizens and running drugs in conjunction with other techniques.

To overcome the Boland congressional prohibition Oliver North and Moon’s then top lieutenant, Bo Hi Pak, via The Washington Times, established the 'Nicaraguan Freedom Fund" which sought to raise the $14 million which Congress had voted not to authorize. In connection with Moon’s support of the contras, evidence specifying “weapons” “funds” and “trips to South Korea last year with CAUSA [a Moon front group] and Col. Pak” surfaced in the Tower Commission report on the scandal. (Evidence Points Toward North Tie to Rev. Moon, S.F. Chronicle, 7/20/87)

A year later Falwell was reported to have sent out a direct-mail letter which listed contra aid as a top “family” priority and attacked Congress for “catering to the Peaceniks” by refusing Reagan administration requests for aid to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. (Pro-Family Moniker Cloaks Religious Right’s Extremism, The Atlanta Constitution, 7/14/88)

It would thus appear that with Falwell Moon successfully engaged in that he had long described as “grafting.”

Check it out:

"Then, what must be done to make the action of engrafting possible? What would you do first? Separation. Separation in what way? To separate means to cut. Simple, we have to cut those wild olive trees. Where do you cut the wild olive? Cut away the leaves? Trunk? You have to cut the trunk, barely leaving the root. If man is in the position of the tree of the wild olive, where would you cut him? Are the man's legs the root part? If you stand upside down you look like a tree. You may leave your head and cut away all your body. Then what would happen if your neck is cut apart from your head? You will die? If you are ready to die by heaving your head cut off -- if the Messiah's head was to be put on your body -- what would happen? It is similar to engrafting. You will go through the operation of having the Messiah's head replace yours." (CHANGE OF BLOOD LINEAGE (III) (First International Training Session, Master Speaks 1-21-73 at p. 3, l. 1)

Such is Moon’s self-described significance of being the “Messiah.” For decades this fantastic and powerful narcissist has directed his multitude of millions into powering his particularly grandiose thrust into the neo-colon section of fascist American politics.

Falwell may be dead, but Moon's other graftees are not.

Heads up. Look out.

Ford Greene
Marin County, California

drone said...

How ironic that certain right-wing elements in the media refer to liberals as "moonbats". When, after all, one of the Right's key figures was being financially backed by The biggest and battiest Moon of them all.

Politics rarely makes stranger bedfellows than this (nothing sexual intended, lest the shade of Falwell be disturbed in his peaceful rest by any implication of male-male relations). True, bothed want a theocracy: but they had very different ideas about who should lead it, and which faith it would represent. (Moon's reference to himself in third person as "Father" is creepy.)

Kat Swift said...

I would guess that Moon works with the KCIA.