Friday, August 24, 2007

Bob Gates on the Iraq War Hot Seat

By Robert Parry
August 24, 2007

Defense Secretary Robert Gates may be confronting the career decision of a lifetime: Should the former CIA director lash himself to the mast with George W. Bush and risk going down with the foundering Iraq War ship or should he look to a post-Bush period and position himself as a Washington wise man?

Now that President Bush has invited comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam, a parallel could be drawn between Gates and Clark Clifford, the Defense Secretary who took over the job in March 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War and persuaded President Lyndon Johnson to start down the road toward a negotiated settlement.

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SirScud said...

Robert, As you know, better than most, Gates has been carrying water for the Bush klan for his entire career, and with his proven skills at fashioning intel to fit political policy, is the perfect syncophant to continue the failed criminal enterprise in Iraq, and elsewhere. I find no historical evidence to suggest that Gates will do anything but continue to corrupt and politicize what ever branch of our government he is associated with, regardless of the harm his actions have on the lives and will of the American people.