Sunday, August 26, 2007

Neck Deep Secret: Gore Was Right

By Robert Parry
August 27, 2007

Having written several books that span periods of years, I’m often surprised how patterns emerge that aren’t apparent to me in day-to-day news coverage. In Neck Deep, our new book about George W. Bush’s presidency, one of those surprises was how often former Vice President Al Gore turned up making tragically prescient comments.

Gore, whose admirers sometimes call him “the Goracle,” comes across more as a Cassandra, warning the nation of looming disasters and finding himself either ignored or mocked by the dominant politicians and media pundits.

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pissed off patricia said...

Gore could well have been the best president we never had.

If you go back, and you may have, and listen to what Gore said in the debates with bush, you see that he was right on the money every time. Especially about the tax cuts. He nailed what would happen. Everyone yucked it up about the "lock box" but that was exactly what should have happened.

SirScud said...

Robert, While I agree with your observations about Gore's positions on the issues mentioned in your article, the idea that he is some sort of 'political sage' seems to be a bit of a stretch. His decision to abandon the fight for the presidentcy, after winning the popular vote in the 2000 election, does not comport with his posession of some extraordinary amount of political or historical insight, in my opinion.

Bob said...

Ditto POP

Batocchio said...

But the press said there was no difference between Bush and Gore - and they'd never lie, distort, smear or fail to fact-check, would they?

Dana said...

Gore is just another CFR scum. Ask yourself why he only asked for a recount in 3 counties dooming any legal battle to failure. All part of the script.

PaulD said...

"sircud", The Supreme Court ruled against Gore (and Democracy in America). What fight was abandoned, after that? Was he supposed to call in the Army while he was still VP?

tatateeta said...

That's right. Sandra Day O'Connor changed history with her vote and very few would say she changed it for the better. Not only that, she did it for political reasons.

r.mirman said...

So why aren't we trying to push Gore into the race? What are we waiting for? It will soon be too late. For suggestions on how see

SirScud said...

First, the acronym is "SirScud"; not "sircud". I'll assume that the error was unintentional, and not meant as some sophomoric slur.
Indeed, the Bush v. Gore decision was a travesty, and as Vincent Bugilosi so clearly establishes in his book, "The Betrayal of America", will live in infamy.
Gore's decision to abandon the fight began, as "dana" correctly recalled, when it was decided to not re-count the entire state. As you mentioned, Gore was the sitting Vice President/President of the Senate at the time. He, with Clinton's blessing, could have easily ordered a public investigation by the civil rights division of the Justice Department into Constitutional violations of the election laws; there were plenty of legal justifications for such executive action.
Regarding your remark about "calling in the Army", it speaks for itself.

Mike Corbeil said...

Regarding what Gore did NOT do and which he most definitely should have done with respect to the election for the U.S. presidency, I won't bother commenting; believing that it's already been said enough by others who already posted comments to this article.

With respect to the Bush or Cheney-Bush war on Iraq and Muslims, you already mention that Gore accepted war criminal Joe Lieberman as v.p. running mate, and I'm speaking of war criminal specifically in terms of the Palestinians genocided by the Israeli govt and forces, psychopathically. It is not the Christian and other non-Muslim Palestinians that the Israeli govt leadership wants to attack, although it did recently enough attack Palestinian Jewish rabbis in I believe it's Jerusalem, but, anyway, it's the Muslim Palestinians who are psychopathically targeted.

That does not speak favourably of Gore caring about Muslims.

But he never opposed the criminal bombings of Iraq and by the U.S. under the Clinton-Gore administration, and did not oppose the wholly criminal economic sanctions against Iraq; sanctions we all know to have been very genocidal, and which caused two directors of the UN's humanitarian division to resign in frustration from the refusals of the UNSC to abide by law and moral respect for the UN Charter.

Gore never opposed those matters when he was v.p., so second-in-command; and he did not oppose the Clinton administration's GANGSTER war of aggression against former Yugoslave President Slobodan Milosevic and Kosovo Serbs, or simply Serbs of Yugoslavia. Gore did say a little of opposition nature on this topic, but only AFTER the Clinton presidency was well over with.

It's easy for him to speak since he's no longer of presidential administration, a current one; but and based on what we know of what he NEVER did while he was v.p., what he has since said is not worthy of real respect.

Following is an article that strikes me as very excellent and it includes serious perspective on Gore.

"The Corporate Climate Coup",
by David F. Noble, a 'renowned historian of science and technology',
May 1, 2007, ActivistTeacher blog

The website is that of DGR, Denis G. Rancourt, professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Wikipedia bio. on Noble: "a critical historian of technology, science and education. He is best known for his seminal work on the social history of automation. He currently teaches in the Division of Social Science, and the department of Social and Political Thought at York University in Canada".

Quoting from the above Activist... article:

"DGR: In my article entitled Global Warming: Truth or Dare? I provided a critical assessment of global warming science and its use and argued that the myth of a global warming dominant threat serves power and neutralizes activists who could otherwise effectively address the real problems, at the root. My article inspired renowned historian of science and technology David Noble to research the corporate and finance drivers of the Global Warming agenda and to write the following article. ...

The Corporate Climate Coup

David F. Noble
(guest blogger)


Noble's article is excellent, and having just taken time out now to check links DGR provided in his foreword "bit" to the above article, the WHOLE seems like it should all be recommended as MUST READ.

I didn't read the other pieces yet, having only taken a quick look at them, but did read Noble's above article and it definitely is critical with respect to both pro- and anti-sides of the global warming theory debate, if you want to call it a debate. There's major propaganda on both sides, and both are based on corporate interests.

You've surely read of that reality before, but I am sure that people who have will appreciate reading Noble's article; and the others DGR provides links for.

Gore IS EXPOSED for the fraud that he unfortunately is; or so it sure definitely seems.

Imho, anyway.