Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bush Puts Iran in Crosshairs

By Ray McGovern
August 30, 2007

Not another warning about war with Iran! Well, suck it up. President George W. Bush’s speech Tuesday makes clear his plan to attack Iran, and how the intelligence, as was the case before the attack on Iraq, is being “fixed around the policy.”

It’s not about putative Iranian “weapons of mass destruction” — not even ostensibly. It is about the requirement for a scapegoat for U.S. reverses in Iraq, and the felt need to create a casus belli by provoking Iran in such a way as to “justify” armed retaliation — perhaps extending to an attempt to destroy its nuclear-related facilities.

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SirScud said...

Ray McGovern seems to have dissected the most recent web of dis-information and bogus justifications for expanding the military aggression in North Africa. His claim that the Israeli zealots (the Zionists) are backing off of their push to have the U.S. do their bidding is questionable, at best. What is the evidence for this spurious assertion? The idea that the Israelis give a damn about the loss of American service people, or anyone else other than their own people is laughable.

BASmith said...

This rerun of the runup to Iraq is madness! Besides calling my members of Congress, what can a stay-at-home, chronically ill person do to help any effort to stop the next Bush-Cheney juggernaut? Why isn't Congress starting impeachment proceedings just to slow them down? Lord knows, there's plenty to investigate. Any attack on Iran MUST be stopped, or it will be WWIII for sure.

M Henri Day said...

Nearly 16 months left before Messrs Bush and Cheney leave the offices they usurped in the US coup d'état of 2000. Will they top their careers off by instigating yet another war, this time with Iran, in, inter alia, an attempt to influence the election of 2008 ? The risk, as Ray McGovern shows, is not negligible....