Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Should Al Gore Run?

By Robert Parry
October 10, 2007

Al Gore’s supporters are making a last-ditch bid to convince the former Vice President to run for President as a candidate of principle, experience and a powerful claim on the sympathy of Americans who believe in fair play and regret the outcome of Election 2000.

In a full-page New York Times ad on Oct. 10, a group of grassroots Democrats, called, published an open letter to Gore pleading with him to enter the race.

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NYPopulist said...


Real History Lisa said...

HELL yes.

ottosu said...

I was getting ready to abandon ship. I can't vote for Hillary. She's too close to the Corporations, too much of a hawk and too much of a Republican. Gore is like a breath of fresh air. Run Al, run!

Nice job, Robert! Neckdeep is an awesome work of history!

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I already have my button, that I got at

Re-Elect Gore 2008

The O in Gore is a photo of the earth

maryhaus said...

Al Gore 2007 is infintely superior to Al Gore 2000, having passed through the terrible fire of that agonizing win that five members of the Supreme Court turned into a "loss".

His subsequent behavior has shown the world what a man of substance and character really is, from his absolutely wise and accurate commentary on the Iraq debacle, to his selfless work during Katrina, to his nonstop work enlightening the world about global warming.

It is not just our country that needs him--the whole world needs him. Everyone I talk to says they would drop their current pick immediately and support his candidacy wholeheartedly.

Absolutely, he needs to run, and he needs to convince Obama to run with him as a team. After eight years at Gore's side, helping him to dig out from the swamp Bush has made of the world, no one could criticize Obama for lack of experience, and he could follow in Gore's footsteps.

We need no more dynasties. Please, Al Gore, declare, and lead this country as Abraham Lincoln led it through its last terrible crisis.

Leftwing Lady said...

I hate to be a spoiler, but I must comment that Al Gore brought us Joe Lieberman, a horrible hawk. Hillary is too hawkish also. We need a candidate who will get us out of Iraq immediately. We need the funds we spend there for the good of our own country and also to spend on peaceful things in foreign policy.

Helene said...

I never could understand why they said Al Gore was "wooden." I was so moved when I watched him speak during the 2000 election on T.V. in New Orleans. He really reached out to me. When he said that he would work for us, I really felt the passion. Since then, he has called it right on Iraq, global warming, torture, and the constitutional crisis. He is truly a man of vision. I still say that had Al Gore been in the White House, 9/11 would not have happened, and my state, New York would still have its twin towers.

GERY said...

I agree with LeftWing Lady. For political credibility, Gore needs to explain and apologize for picking Joe Lieberman. Why is this problem seldom mentioned? Although I like Al Gore, avoiding those in bed with the Israeli Lobby is an imperative. Our faith-based invasion of Iraq would not have happened without the likes of Joe Lieberman. Why ignore the highly-focused very-specific platform of Dennis Kucinich? A fact-based foreign and domestic policy is long overdue. I fear for further faith-based initiatives such as 9/11.