Saturday, October 13, 2007

Smearing Al Gore: Here We Go Again

By Robert Parry
October 13, 2007

When people wonder how the United States ended up in today’s nightmarish predicament, a big part of the answer is that the right-wing message machine and the mainstream U.S. news media distorted reality at key moments about key people, perhaps most notably Al Gore during Campaign 2000.

That ability to twist reality has been a major focus of our reporting at over the years [See, for instance, “Al Gore v. the Media” or “Protecting Bush/Cheney.”] Much of this work is reprised in our new book, Neck Deep.

But even now – when the consequences of the news media’s earlier “war on Gore” can be measured in the horrible death toll that has followed the Bush presidency – it appears that little has changed.

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Bob said...

The MSM will not do the analysis that this article does. The problem for the Democrats is that they do not retaliate in kind. When Clinton took over the White House they dropped all investigations of Reagan/Bush wrong doing, as they had in the past with
the October Surprise. When they recently took control of Congress they took impeachment off the table and despite all the bluster have yet to go to the courts for enforcement of requests for data.
When attacks are made such as on
Kerry they don't do much about it.

They have been standing by and watching our democracy destroyed all in the interest of winning the next election. Why do they think that there will be one or if there is that they will be able to reverse all of the evil done in our name.

Vigilante said...

Slug back, Bob. The internet is a fine arena in which you can get redneck blood on your knuckles. Quit whining and start typing. Even better send letter-to-editor and letters to Congressmen. When you feel pain, share it. When you feel victimized, reverse it. It will make you feel more satisfaction than endless whining.

gogi said...

Great commentary. But what you fail to mention is that Judge Burton is also in bed with ExxonMobil ... so his bias goes even deeper than you state.