Monday, December 31, 2007

Hillary Signals Free Pass for Bush

By Robert Parry
December 31, 2007

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is signaling that a second Clinton presidency will follow the look-to-the-future, don’t-worry-about-accountability approach toward Republican wrongdoing that marked Bill Clinton’s years in office.

That was the significance of former President Clinton’s remarkable Dec. 17 comment that his wife’s first act in the White House would be to send Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush on an around-the-world mission to repair America’s damaged image.

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Victoria said...

I think it is wrong to view Hillary's or anyone else's actions in the past as absolutely paramount to dictating the future. I also think its wrong to take a statement of peace and turn it into one of cowardice. If Hillary doesn't want to run by saying "as soon as I get into office I'm going to put George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condi Rice behind bars for the better part of a century" no one may call her a fool. It would be a guaranteed loss if that is how she was stumping. I notice you didn't put any of the other candidate's views on prosecuting members of the Bush Administration(s) once G.W. Bush is no longer in office. It seems like you have no interest in giving Hillary a fair chance to explain her plans. You just jumped on the first thing Bill said on Dec. 17th and automatically assumed the worst possible meaning of that statement, and also assumed that it was totally inclusive of her plans for the beginning of her term. God forbid Hillary Clinton makes a statement saying they'd like to inact some international debt relief immediately after taking the oath of office. Would you attack that because it doesn't immediately include prosecuting members of the current administration? I really appreciate the views of, but I think this particular article is a mix of old arguments and assumptions.