Friday, January 04, 2008

Bush-Clinton Duopoly Loses in Iowa

By Robert Parry
January 4, 2008

The vaunted Clinton machine is sure to rev up its operations to salvage Hillary Clinton’s political future – and the Bush Family’s Republican Establishment likely will settle on an acceptable GOP representative to protect the status quo, possibly John McCain.

But the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 dealt a stunning blow to the Bush-Clinton duopoly, with Sen. Barack Obama thrashing Sen. Clinton on the Democratic side and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee trouncing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who had the backing of some elements of the Bush Family.

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claudsam said...

I still think Edwards has a chance and has a much sharper message than Obama. Edwards has pushed both Obama and Clinton to adopt a much more populist message and agenda and has come up with the most attractive policy ideas from a progressive standpoint of this election cycle. Not only that, but he's more electable, too.

But, I am glad to see the Clinton machine challenged. So congrats to Obama on last night's victory.

James Young said...

One has to have a serious case of Bush Derangement Syndrome to spin these results as having anything to do with the President.

Thomas said...

I agree with the previous comment that Edwards has the sharper message. Mr. Parry is correct that the caucus results are a blow to the Clintons. Time for progressives to perhaps curb their enthusiasm. When I look at Obams's brain trust, I see a lot of old Clinton and Washington hands. Maybe they are just the nice ones, but come on, if ever there was a candidate who was manufactured, who looks like all image and little substance, isn't it Obama?

drmadef said...

Is he the ONE?
I listened to Obama's Iowa victory speech last night and was truly seduced, and I am straight. But I also keep hearing the Crosby-Stills-Nash mantra in my head "we don't get fooled again"

Gen x could tip this over leaving the whole field of old dinosaurs baying their final breaths. And being a boomer myself, I seem also unable to ipod dance into this overture. What is my concern? The same concern I have when my very un-streetwise girlfriend wants to venture into a ghetto for some Tapas at 1am. It's not that I cant blend with the best, and after a couple of Proseco's I'm good to go, but is the food really that good to chance it?
I see Mr. Obama as whistling his way into the mouth of the Republican corpse machine, with no back-up plan, and all his base is back at dorm.

Anonymous said...

Just heard you on Peter B. Collins. When it comes to standing up to the Republican smear machine, I predict that the Senator will be up to the task and that he knows what he is in for. Even now, he knows that the Clintons are going to be rough.

One of the senator's formative political experiences was the election of the late, and very great Mayor Harold Washington in Chicago in the 80's.

That was as rough as it can get. The Mayor modeled how to stand up for himself in the face of bald racism. But the best way to deal with this stuff it to organize, organize, organize.

The OBama campaign is a precinct, house to house, phone call to phone call, campaign. No one wins a campaign by blogging.

The Obama campaign knows how to never let a supporter go unidentified.

This "blank slate" stuff just shows me that many pundits know very little about Chicago politics and the history of Chicago politics.