Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mobile Labs to Target Iraqis for Death

By Robert Parry
December 13, 2007

U.S. forces in Iraq soon will be equipped with high-tech equipment that will let them process an Iraqi’s biometric data in minutes and help American soldiers decide whether they should execute the person or not, according to its inventor.

"A war fighter needs to know one of three things: Do I let him go? Keep him? Or shoot him on the spot?” Pentagon weapons designer Anh Duong told the Washington Post for a feature on how this 47-year-old former Vietnamese refugee and mother of four rose to become a top U.S. bomb-maker.

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Lostyouth said...

How long before this comes to a country near you? like in yiur dfront door.

Mike said...

Is the Pentagon's Kill List for Iraqi "insurgents" going to be more accurate and better maintained than, say, the No-Fly List? There are an uncomfortable number of people "accidentally" added to that list, mostly liberals. Will there be any way for an Iraqi to find out if they're on the hit list (other than the tell-tale sign of a bullet in the head)? Will there be any way to remove one's name if it's placed there in error?

And since when is it the duty of the US military to summarily execute civilians? Is this new policy/technology supposed to help "win" the war? Yeah, that'll look good to the locals. Pull someone off a bus and BLAM! one less "insurgent." Except for the two dozen people who watched as the US gunned down someone who may or may not have done anything wrong.