Friday, January 11, 2008

CIA, Iran & the Gulf of Tonkin

By Ray McGovern
January 12, 2008

When the Tonkin Gulf incident took place in early August 1964, I was a journeyman CIA analyst in what Condoleezza Rice refers to as “the bowels of the agency.”

As a current intelligence analyst responsible for Russian policy toward Southeast Asia and China, I worked very closely with those responsible for analysis of Vietnam and China.

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Anonymous said...

I look for the administration to use this Straits of Hormuz non-incident as an excuse to ratchet up the rules of engagement, which should essentially not only create more "provocations", but also should drive more soberminded officers out of the military.

Sooner or later, someone with a conscience is going to have to come forward with the hard core goods on this administration and its lies or malfeasance and force Congress to act; I believe that the consequences for this country could be dire if people continue to put career ahead of country, as many seem to be doing.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at all of you old timer "whistleblowers" - what whistleblowers? You old coots! You're all old - you're all retired! You all let wars and injustices happen on your watch!

What's the use of saying anything now? You ALL let it happen on YOUR watch! Why don you say something when it's happening?

You know you ALL are traitors to We, The People in keeping these secrets - the military makes you take oaths of secresy"- BUT THEY'RE FOOLING YOU- and you fall for it.

In fact, you're the traitors because this oaths ARE making you traitors to the U.S. and the ones you are suppose to protect - We, The People

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Tehran, I read a translation of this article in website, just wanted to send my thank you message to you and Mr. McGovern and others who helped the publishing of NIE report.