Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where Are Tears for GIs, Iraqis?

By Mary MacElveen
January 10, 2008

The only change I do see is another name coming after the title president.

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jbpeebles said...

I'm sorry but the Editor's Note is highly inaccurate: Iraq is a very important issue in this campaign. Iraq has simply dropped off the M$M radar. It's unfortunate that consortium news has bought into the theory that Iraq doesn't matter to Americans. A recent poll showed that Iraq was tied to the economy as the #1 issue of importance to Americans.

I would not presume that Iraq has diminished the slightest in its importance to Americans. As a matter of fact, resistance to the war is stronger than it's ever been.

Presuming that the Iraq war is of diminished significance because Hillary and McCain won the voting is illogical. As a matter of fact, I would say the preponderance of data from both the 2000 case in Florida and the 2004 presidential election in Ohio shows that the Diebold machines are vulnerable to hacking.

The New Hampshire Primary employed systems vulnerable to hacking and run exclusively by a Republican consulting outfit out of Connecticut. You may have seen the video titled Silvestro the cat and the New Hampshire election on youtube. The video might only be the tip of an iceberg of interlocking relationships between Republican business donors and the increasingly privatized network of vote machine vendors with exclusive distribution rights, like Silvestro's company, LHS Associates, which programs up to 81% of all New Hampshire's voting machines, according to the youtube video. Bev Harris offers an article on Silvestro here; rumourmillnews cites that article in a post here.

Is the accusation all wild conjecture? We do have some large anomalies to think about like the Presidential election in '00 and '04, where polls did not match election results. We have evidence that vote total fell and votes disappeared. in at least one town, Sutton.

We cannot at this point assume that the election results were not fraudulent. I don't have proof that they are fraudulent, nor do I think any evidence could be produced if the testing done by Ion Sanchez of Leon County, Florida, as shown in Hacking Democracy is in fact accurate. See this post on Sanchez's test. It's worth mentioning that Sanchez put hundreds of thousands of Help American Vote Act dispensations from the Federal government at risk by failing to certify the machines, which to Sanchez's credit would have been far easier than challenging the machines.

I'm planning to blog on this issue ASAP. Check out my blog at if you can.

lokywoky said...

I must say that New Hampshire voters have really disappointed me. I had the impression they were independents - and that they were against the war. Then they voted, not for Dennis Kucinich, but for the two most war-mongering partisans on either ticket. What a sad day for the entire country. Because, unfortunately, what the voters in New Hampshire have done is told the rest of the country who the candidates will be for the next election - without the 99% of the rest of us even having a voice or a chance to vote for real change.

Dennis Kucinich said in his ad, either be courageous and vote for me, because if you don't, you deserve what you get. Unfortunately, that is only partly true. New Hampshire chose - and they chose badly, and the rest of us are going to "get" what they chose.

Anonymous said...

When you say it doesn't matter who gets elected, you are being incredibly irresponsible. There will be a huge difference between a President Hilary Clinton and a President McCain. If McCain gets elected you will have a war. If Hilary Clinton gets elected you will have a president who's trying to avoid a war, even though the war-mongers are obviously pressuring her. If Huckabee or Romney get elected the basic human rights of women in the US, over half of it's citizens, will regress in ways that will seriously affect their quality of life. Women already make up the majority of the poorest class in US society. If they lose the right to abortion, and forms of affirmative action, that disproportion will escalate. If Obama gets the democratic nomination you will have a President McCain. Get off your self-righteous arse and support the least-worst candidate running: the woman. Because it will make a HUGE difference. Maybe not to you personally, but to many many others who are not so fortunate as you.
Saddam Hussein killed those Iraqi children because he had the money to feed them and he chose not to. He was their chief, not Bill Clinton. Saddam liked his lavish lifestyle and his inter-tribal wars too much to save the children of his own people. There's a difference between sanctioning a tyrant and dropping bombs on civilians. But it's true that they should've stopped the sanctioning when they saw what was happening to the people of Iraq. Saddam held his dying people hostage for that very reason.
I agree with you about the double-standard for Israel. There should be more pressure on the war-mongers in Israel to comply with UN resolutions, it would not only be right and just, it would take away the excuses for a lot of atrocities committed by the other self-righteous warmongers in the holy name of a spurious kind of justice, self-righteous murderers on both sides with bombs and guns who have no real interest in the welfare of their own people and deserve no sympathy from the likes of you or me. The people in Israel and Palestine who want peace are the only ones who deserve to be encouraged by sympathetic blogs.
Despite the media perception, Hilary Clinton shows some sign of actually listening to her constituents. In the media it is currently being referred to as her 'equivocation', like it's a bad thing. She would be a president that you could actually do something with. If you bothered to. Instead of congratulating yourself about what a fine idealistic voice of 'resistence' you are.
What a bunch of idiots she's trying to lead home.