Friday, January 25, 2008

The Clinton Audacity

By Robert Parry
January 25, 2008

Some rank-and-file Democrats who have weathered three decades of Republican hardball politics aren’t sure what to think when Bill and Hillary Clinton attack Barack Obama over the Iraq War, his attitude toward Ronald Reagan, and his relationship with a sleazy real-estate developer.

On each topic, the Clintons are arguably more vulnerable than Obama: Hillary Clinton voted to give George W. Bush authorization to invade Iraq (while Obama opposed the invasion), the Clintons both have praised Reagan far more than Obama has, and the Clintons had closer ties to an ethically challenged developer, Whitewater’s James McDougal, than Obama apparently had with Tony Rezko.

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damianmann said...

I find the Clinton's disgusting. I left the Dems in 2000 because I was sick of that style of politics....the disrespect...the lack of class. Bob Johnson, the guy who ons BET and plays gangsta rap on his station daily telling us about dope dealers. It's insane.

If she's the nominee, I'll be voting for a different party.

Thebigkate said...

I am sad that Democrats are writing you to complement the Clintons for their Rovian tactics against Obama. I think this is unethical, psychopathic and to be distained! There seems to be no interest in decency and doing the what is honest and honorable. It is this kind of thinking that has gotten America to the sick place we are in right now.

I will find it very hard to vote for Hillary Clinton, but will probably do so because I believe her domestic agenda will be better than any Republican's. However, I dread to think of what will happen to her when Rupert Murdoch and his ilk come out with videos of Bill's womanizing since he has left the White House! They will probably be all over YouTube! I will have to say that if this happens, both Clintons will be reaping their "just desserts!"

maymanj said...

You are a jerk

Anonymous said...

For “We the People” it’s a real sad time that our election process has proven to be a sham. I personally know the Clintons (and Bush’s and others) are involved in a huge Federal Criminal System that is being artificially protected for those involved. How I know may interest you…..
I was in a family for more than 26 years who joined a huge criminal system when I first married. Their job within this group is to launder “Drug and Gun Running” money straight into property using Mortgage fraud with Big Banks. The Clintons, Bush Family and others are directly involved in this system. It makes what was happening in Mena while Bill Clinton was Governor a child’s toy. Plus, Clyde O’Connor who was an owner/pilot of one of the Drug jet planes carrying TON’s of Cocaine that was busted last year happens to be my ex-sister-in-law’s brother. Everyone on the Internet is looking for the “money man” behind Clyde and I know for fact he is my ex-sister-in-law’s husband, my ex-brother-in-law. Please note that the “Gun Running” part has already been in the news with Chiquita and Drummond however what many don’t know is that both of these companies plus others also are/were shipping in huge amounts of drugs. In the 90’s, Chicago alone was getting a weekly $100 Million dollar shipment of drugs that was split up with Florida and New York as well. That amounts to more than $5 Billion per year and there were other huge weekly shipments going elsewhere! Guess who has been feeding our kids cocaine for all these years! You’ll be shocked to know what the money is being used for and who all is involved!
As far as Rezko, this is personal for me as I fear that my youngest son is linked in with Rezko’s illegal activities. The Federal Criminal system that the Clintons are part of, are blocking everyone from surfacing the real truth with the crimes involved.
Hillary and Bill opened the wrong closet this time!!
A friend of mine with another past experience and I would be willing to help Obama if he needs it. This could be something we are all looking for.
Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Michael Collins said...

This is an excellent article, one that captures the decadence of our system.

The Republican Primary consists of candidates, save Ron Paul, who are proud members of the culture of death. They can't kill enough, jail enough, etc. It can't happen in a grand style withing the borders so they seek out victims through the "bipartisan foreign policy."

The Democrats are a bit more subtle but deceptive none the less. Clinton is the Wall Street candidate with what the campaign believes is an appeal to the 'women's vote.' Obama is the ideologically vapid politician who compensates by using utterly meaningless terms like "hope." Edwards is the multimillionaire populist who co-sponsored the Iraq War Resolution, voted with business often, but would have us believe he's now a man of the people. They've got it covered, they think.

Crowing that primary turnout went from 10% to 20%, the party congratulates itself.

These candidates have nothing to say about anything of importance and are all just auditioning for a role of dispenser in chief of our money and labor.

If we haven't hit bottom yet, when will we?