Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Fight for Bush's Legacy

By Robert Parry
January 29, 2008

With one year to go in George W. Bush’s presidency, the national Democrats are on the verge of the same miscalculation that they made about his father after his defeat in Election 1992. Instead of doing the hard work to hold the Bushes accountable, the Democrats are “leaving it to the historians.”

In other words, the national Democrats seem ready to let the junior George Bush stroll off into the sunset with his legacy relatively intact, much as the senior George Bush was allowed to do.

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Bob Locke said...

One hates to shine too bright a light on one's paranoias, but I am concluding that the "Democratic Leadership" are in collusion with the Powers-that-Be, who also have bought and paid for pretty much the entirety of the Republican Congress.

Why else would the Democratic Leadership not lead in the direction the Democratic voters want them to? "Spinelessness" is far too kind a word for those whores.

kathars1s said...

There is no "left". If America is to EVER recover it will have to be taken back by the people. But it would appear they don't know enough to care.