Thursday, January 31, 2008

G.W. Bush Is a Criminal, Like His Dad

By Robert Parry
January 31, 2008

Watching Attorney General Michael Mukasey evade the obvious fact that waterboarding is torture – and the reluctance of Democrats to press him – I was reminded of how the first President Bush got away with an earlier batch of national security crimes.

Indeed, one of the common questions I’ve been asked over the years is – if the evidence really does show that the Reagan-Bush crowd was guilty of illegal dealings with Iran, Iraq and the Nicaraguan contras – why didn’t the Democrats hold those Republicans to account?

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Anonymous said...

It proves that what the Republicans say about the Democratic party is true..that the Democratic party are cowards and weak on national security it not a threat to national security, when you have an administrative branch running amok, breaking laws, torturing, trampling on civil liberties and shredding the Constitution..
It galls me that the Democratic party pussy-foots around this issue of impeachment hearings... (knowing, that Republicans would not hesitate if the matter were reversed).

Anonymous said...


Lady Broadoak said...

Oh, my .. let Sibel speak, eh?

It is a profound tragedy what is happening. Robert Parry is one the voices that can be trusted in a time when more cointelpro, gatekeeper and disinfo forces are at play.

I so salute you.

please come and visit what I"ve managed to dig up and post on my blog - at least some students read it!!

itzamirakul said...

What is most unnerving is knowing that someone, somehow, has enough power to keep the mouths of dozens of Democratic politicians sealed.

What threats could possibly be used to prevent the entire democratic legislative branch from speaking out on any one of the crimes that have taken place over the past 8 years?

We know that the media is under the control of some interest other than that of the general public.
Otherwise there would have long ago been a hue and cry over the many injustices committed.

The Dems have been either paid off or scared off of pursuing accountability. They are pathetic and disgusting at this point.

The Republicans, however, will finally trip themselves up over the most simple of mistakes. One or more of them will do or not do some small thing that will bring the full light of disclosure on all these crimes. The problem is, that with most Americans walking around in a semi-aware trance, will they see these crimes even if they are slapped in the face?