Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Charlie Wilson's Warlords

By Ivan Eland
February 20, 2008

Although the zestful life and escapades of Wilson make for an entertaining and true-to-(Wilson’s)-life movie, both the book and movie give short shrift to the dire, long-term policy consequences of Wilson’s and Reagan’s proxy war.

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Anonymous said...

The birth of the Frankenstein radical Islamist movement and it's never ending blow-back wasn't the only disastrous consequence of American intervention in Afghanistan. Nuclear non-proliferation was another, less noted, casualty.

In order to appease the corrupt military dictatorship in Pakistan and keep the ISI on the anti-Soviet team, the U.S. turned a blind eye, and in many cases enabled the nuclear efforts of the A.Q. Khan network. This complicity came back to haunt us when the Pakistanis eventually began exporting nuclear technology to other rogue regimes.

We have paid a very steep price, on many fronts, for our little Afghan adventure and will likely continue to pay for a great deal longer