Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCain's 'Never' Is a Long Time

By Robert Parry
February 21, 2008

John McCain must hope that Americans won’t read the entire New York Times story about his friendship with a female lobbyist, because if they do, they’ll realize that his statement – that he “has never violated the public trust, never done favors for special interests or lobbyists” – simply isn’t true.

Though the article focuses on the friendship between the 71-year-old Arizona senator and Vicky Iseman, an attractive 40-year-old lobbyist for telecommunications companies, it also recounts McCain’s complicated history as both a violator of congressional ethics and a champion for ethics reform.

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Anonymous said...

McCain's "NEVER" has a totally contrary meaning to me.
His claimed 24 years of service to "His Country" rings outragious.
Starting with his bottom ranking at the Naval Academy, this under-achieving spawn of generations of Navy Admirals went on to become a "Naval Aviator" -a title he continues to claim -"ex" would be exceptaable, though he is long past that "{service" of relatively few actual hours of flying high over Vietnam to kill human beings never a threat to him or the US ...another totally illegal "war" of the US.
This "Hero" was justifiable shot down and imprisioned as the murderous, attacking enemy he clearly was, and kept alive instead of executed. I don't recall McCain volinteering for that.
His service to his country since has been typically AGAINST the best interests of The People of this country, and of the world, while his "service" to the rulers has been notable.
HERO my ass...
~John L.