Friday, March 28, 2008

When a Great Power Goes Mad

By Robert Parry
March 28, 2008

With the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War and the grim milestone of 4,000 U.S. dead, the nation has been awash with news retrospectives on the war and speeches by politicians, mostly offering sanitized versions of what's transpired.

With a few exceptions, these media/political reflections have had the feel of self-rationalizations, more than self-criticisms. They’ve conveyed a sense that the U.S. system is doing just fine, thank you, although a few mistakes were made.

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racom said...

Another accurate write up on a nation gone wrong. I would have to take issue with one statement, 'How did a technologically sophisticated country like the United States with a relatively free press get led down this dangerous path?'
The relatively free press is not free, it is bought and paid for by corporate america and that is the real problem. How far would this administration deception have gotten if, IF, the press had done its job and questioned all the mis-information? I know that there are many much smarter people than I and I never did buy the war sales pitch. This war would have never happened if the questions were asked and exposed the lies and deception behind the run up to 2003.

Michael said...

Iraq is out of site, out of mind. Our media, as stated excellently by Mr Parry, is to blame. I read alternative media in the leadup to the war and was never fooled by the MSM drive to war. It is sad that this has to be, and there are other issues we are being deceived about, like global warming. I am very grateful for sites like consortium where we get a more objective assessment, and wish more people would have their eyes opened.