Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Is Hillary Clinton Lying?

By Robert Parry
March 26, 2008

Two weeks ago, I wrote a story that observed a disturbing trend in Hillary Clinton’s campaign – her growing tendency to stretch the truth, twist what her chief rival was saying and then rely on her supporters to go on the offensive against you if you spoke up.

These tendencies were troubling, in part, because they mirrored what had become so common during George W. Bush’s years: to declare that a fantasy is the truth and then to attack the patriotism or sanity of anyone who thinks otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

I could possibly understand "misspeaking" if she had said it only once during an extemporaneous speaking moment, but...

If indeed there had been sniper fire or even the threat of it, when your child is with you, that memory would have been seared into your brain in the most minute detail.

She should have known better; she should have been smart enough to realize their was press footage of the visit. She was not.

I don't know what I'll do if she ultimately wins the Democratic nomination. I guess I'll either write-in Obama's name or simply stay home.


Anonymous said...

Why is Obama lying about about sitting in that church for 20 years while his "personal spiritual advisor" ranted and raved against the majority population in the USA and America in general and never (?) heard any of it. How is it that he just happened to never be there when this was happening? What made him decide to withdraw his invitation for Rev Wright to speak at his announcement that he was running for President, if he was NOT aware of Rev Wrights' anti-American rantings. Who's lying here?

Bob Wolfe said...

To the anonymous person who accused Obama of lying about Reverend Wright. First of all, please try to have a backbone and publish your name. Secondly, please allow me make it very simple for you.

To prove or disprove whether or not Obama lied is impossible.

To prove that Hillary lied is easy. Just watch the video and compare it to the comments she publicly stated in numerous events. If there was indeed sniper fire, she would have remembered it every waking moment for the rest of her life. It is not something that easily slips one's mind.

Hillary just proved that she cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Her husband was caught in a bald faced lie and now she was too. The most powerful leader in the free world must be trustworthy. She has proven herself willing to lie for political gain. That is indeed frightening.

Anonymous said...

A better title for the essay might be, Why Is Hillary Getting in Touch with Her Inner Cheney?

Joe Walker

Peggy McGilligan said...

“Why do I have to keep proving to people that I am not a liar?!” -Hillary Clinton, 2000

Truth is, Hillary Clinton lies. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton's list of lies will provide journalistic fodder for decades. However, thanks to DNA, Internet, and other technologies, many of their misdeeds have already come to light, with more on the way. Although the Clintons continue to lie, thank goodness for that. She’s going to get caught; just you wait and see: http://theseedsof9-11.com

Anonymous said...

More evidence of Hillary Clinton's lying can be found just today, as she addressed citizens of Kentucky one day before the voting. View the front page article here: http://www.lacivicspace.org/