Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Reason to Help

By Robert Parry
April 16, 2008

Since its founding in 1995, has been an unusual force on the Internet. Unlike many Web sites, which “aggregate” stories from other sources, we originate most of the stories that you see at our site – including the work of American heroes like former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Our original journalism then gets re-posted at scores of other Web sites, helping to give the Internet both independence and vitality. We don’t just reflect mainstream journalism or criticize it; we seek to create a credible alternative to the mainstream.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Parry,

I've enjoyed Consortium News for quite a while now. I remember having links sent to me of your articles. They were by far some of the best.

I think it's almost criminal that the candidates in this primary are raking in the cash while I see sites like yours pratically having to beg for support.

I can't send much and I was wondering if $5 would be considered welcome or an insult?

I hope those that value this site and are in a position to let a few dollars go for good information (except for the obama love/ hillary hate fest going on across these same sites) will do so.

I remember you being there from the beginning of this 8 year nightmare with good commentary and reporting.